Rapper Claims He Has Great Taste In Women After Saying He Wants To Be Between Hottest Footballer’s Legs

A rapper has claimed he has great taste in women after saying that he wants to be a ball between the legs of the player dubbed the world’s sexiest footballer, Alisha Lehmann.

Photo shows German rapper Farid Bang, undated. He dedicates a passage on a song to football player Alisha Lehmann. (@faridbangbang/CEN)

German Farid Bang, 37, from the city of Duesseldorf, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, raised eyebrows for a line dedicated to the stunning footballer in his new hit ‘Godfather’.

The shocking lyric, ‘And I’m not a ball, but between Alisha Lehmann’s legs’, infuriated Switzerland’s football fans, where Alisha, 24, plays for the women’s national side.

Now, after being called out for having no taste in women by German newspaper Bild, Bang said in an interview with Swiss 20Minuten: “But I do have good taste in women.

“What man wouldn’t want to be a football between Alisha Lehmann’s legs?”

The musclebound rapper continued: “With this line, I wanted to tell the world that women’s football is becoming more and more popular, and as an avowed feminist, this topic cannot be missing from my masterpiece [album] Asphalt Massaka 4.”

Alisha Lehmann poses in undated photo. She is a Swiss professional footballer. (@alishalehmann7/CEN)

Explaining that he is a great football fan, Bang said: “I like going to the stadium and I’m always a welcome guest, especially when it comes to women’s football.”

He said that he finds women’s football “much more attractive” and “world’s better” in terms of quality, in contrast to men’s football.

When asked whether the explicit line has provoked a reaction or a reply from Lehmann, Bang, known for his outrageous lyrics, said: “Unfortunately not.”

Bang, who has more than 3.2 million Instagram followers, was forced to apologise in 2020, when he described his ripped, fat-free physic as being as “defined as Auschwitz inmates.”

After making a grovelling apology he visited the Nazi death camp Auschwitz as an act of atonement.

Alisha Lehmann poses in undated photo. She is a Swiss professional footballer. (@alishalehmann7/CEN)

Alisha, who also plays in the UK Women’s Super League for Aston Villa, boasts more than 16 million followers on Instagram.

She was previously included in a rap by singer and ‘The Voice’ judge Shirin David, 28, who included the lyric ‘Control the game like Alisha Lehmann at a soccer game’ of her song ‘Babsi Bars’.

Alisha is, however, used to bizarre offers from fellow celebrities, as she recently revealed that an A-lister in the US offered GBP 90,000 to spend a single night with her in Miami.


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