Ballerina Accidentally Revealed Location Of Military Base During Drone Attack On Moscow

A Russian former ballerina has accidentally given away military secrets after complaining about an alleged Ukrainian drone strike near a military base close to her house.

Anastasia Volochkova became famous after she was sacked by the Bolshoi Ballet for being too fat and then won a court battle forcing them to reinstate her. She went on to become an online influencer.

But she drew criticism for apparently helping Ukraine after complaining about a loud bang caused by an explosion from an apparent attack on a military base nearby on 30th May.

Posting a video about the incident, she said: “Oh, good people, two hours ago I woke up from such terrible explosions. We have this military unit right next to us, right in Nikolo-Uryupino.”

She later deleted the video, but by then, it had already been widely shared.

On one telegram channel, she was thanked by a group that said they were able to work out exactly where the military base was.

Photo shows Anastasia Volochkova, undated. Volochkova is a Russian former dancer. (@volochkova_art/CEN)

They wrote: “Thanks to her data, we have established that Volochkova’s house is located at a distance of 1.5 km [0.9 miles] from the Russian military unit 11105-2 (engineering battalion, archive), stationed at the address: Moscow region, Inzhenerny-1.).”

In the past, Anastasia has been outspoken against the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, and stated that, for her, Crimea would always be a part of Ukraine.

However, she apparently changed her mind and now supports Russia in the war in Ukraine.


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