Little Black Girl Filmed Getting Mystery Gift Of Cuddly Monkey And Boy Gets Banana

Mother and daughter influencers have been accused of racism after footage showed them giving a banana and a soft toy monkey to black children.

The popular Brazilian influencers have been named as Kerollen and Nancy, and they have over 13.2 million followers on TikTok.

The footage, which has since been deleted by the mother and daughter duo, shows one of the pair giving a child, who is black, the choice between some money or a mystery gift.

The images, which were re-shared by lawyer Fayda Belo, show the child choosing the gift and proceeding to unwrap it, revealing a banana inside.

He can then be seen beginning to peel the banana as he walks away after saying that he was not happy with the gift.

The footage then shows the influencer offering a similar deal to another child, who is also black, with the child choosing the gift, a large gift-wrapped box.

The young girl can be seen excitedly opening the box and excitedly discovering a soft toy monkey inside as the footage ends.

Belo captioned the footage, which has notched up over 74,000 likes on Twitter since being posted on 30th May: “Racism is not entertainment. Racism is a crime! Shall we go on a joint effort?”

Influencer Nancy Goncalves gives banana to black child, in Brazil, undated. She and Kerollen Cunha gave bananas and monkey toy to black children and are being investigated for racism, in Brazil. (@kerollenenancy_/CEN)

She also posted a link for people to file a complaint with the Brazilian authorities in Rio de Janeiro.

Kerollen and Nancy are known for their sensationalist videos where people are often exposed people to ridicule, notching up millions of views with nearly every video.

But this one appears to have gone too far, with Brazilian media and netizens unanimously condemning the images.

Belo reportedly said: “The name of this is recreational racism. Using discrimination against black people for the purpose of fun, relaxation and recreation is now a crime. And you can receive a sentence of up to almost eight years in jail, which is what I hope will happen.”

Brazilian media also posted the link shared by the lawyer to file a complaint (, urging netizens to take action.

The two influencers reportedly said through their lawyer that “there was no intention to make any reference to racial issues or discrimination against minorities.”

Their lawyers added: “Therefore, they would like to address the people who felt directly affected, to say that we had no intention of offending them individually, nor as a gender, ethnicity, class or category to which they belong.”


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