Big Brother Star’s Workout In Tiny Swimwear Outfit Causes A Stir

A Brazilian Big Brother star has hit back at her online critics after posting a series of images of herself working out in a tiny bikini that leaves little to the imagination.

Singer and influencer Flay shared the snaps with her 7.5 million Instagram followers on 24th May.

They show the 28-year-old in front of a treadmill wearing nothing but a tiny bikini and a pair of headphones.

Many of her followers were impressed by her “dream abs” and showered her with compliments, including “hot”, “goddess”, and even “perfect woman”.

But among the words of praise, there was no shortage of criticism. One netizen asked: “Why work out in knickers, woman? Sexy is when you’re dressed.”

Another questioned: “Okay, but who goes to the gym in knickers?”

One social media user also jibed: “Put a watermelon on your head, that’ll get more attention.”

And another commented: “That body is surgical. It’s beautiful, but it’s not real.”

Brasilian singer known as Flay shows off her body in undated photo. She trained wearing a bikini. (@flay/CEN)

Flay hit back at critics of her workout attire, writing: “I work out the way I want, you know? Haha, and this is a bikini from my upcoming brand, you see?

“But they could also be knickers, and it wouldn’t make a difference.”

Since her appearance on Big Brother Brasil 20, Flay, whose full name is Flayslane Raiane Pereira da Silva, has had cosmetic surgery on her chin, high-definition liposuction, a nose job, lip fillers, and dental veneers.

Her song “Saudades Ne Minha Filha”, which roughly translates to “Missing You, My Daughter”, with Jerry Smith has 28 million views on YouTube.

She hails from the humble town of Nova Floresta but now often posts from Sao Paulo.


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