AIR FORCED: High Flyer Quits For OnlyFans After Orders To Stop Showing Her Bum

A curvy air force high flyer has quit her military career after top brass reprimanded her for showing off her bottom on social media.

Kimberly Villalobos Zuniga, 26, resigned from her job in the Chilean Air Force after being told that her posts were lowering the reputation of the service.

Now her new career as a model is taking off after she started uploading content on the saucy Arsmate platform, Chile’s answer to OnlyFans.

One eye-popping video shows her in a transparent black mesh dress gyrating in a hotel room with a tiny thong underneath.

Kimberley, 26, explained: “They started throwing sanctions at me for nothing.

“For example, I knew that they were reviewing my profile. I did not upload anything related to the military, no weapons either, nor any aerial material, because the regulations only say that.

“But I felt that it still bothered them that I showed my bum in a story, or if I was in a bikini, or that I had lots of followers.”

She went on: “They don’t let you upload videos, as you supposedly have to have an impeccable image, but if I want to show my body because I feel comfortable and I feel beautiful, it no longer has anything to do with them.

Former aviator Kimberly Villalobos Ziga , 26, poses in undated photo. She spent seven years in the Chilean Air Force FACH. (@kimy_villawolf/CEN)

“It shouldn’t bother them, but I felt that it did.”

Officers once reprimanded her, she said, for posing in front of a dancing pole saying she had been visiting an immoral venue, but she said that she had actually been at a friend’s apartment.

She finally quit last September (2022) as a 2nd Corporal after seven years in the service because she felt they were stalking her.

Kimberley said: “I was very overwhelmed with them being involved in my personal life. They were persecuting me.”

Then, she said, friends recommended she should start modelling on an adult content platform.

Kimberley explained: “A lot of people told me to ‘go on OnlyFans’.”

She added: “It has been super profitable. It has done very well for me.

Former aviator Kimberly Villalobos Ziga , 26, poses in undated photo. She spent seven years in the Chilean Air Force FACH. (@kimy_villawolf/CEN)

“To date, I have already earned almost five thousand dollars, so I am earning the salary that a captain in the Air Force earns, so I have nothing to lose, here I am.”

Now Kimberly says that other women who work in the Air Force have contacted her and asked for tips about creating their own profiles.


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