Beautiful Blogger With Pink Lamborghini Transfers All Assets To Pal After Taxman Turns Up

A gorgeous Russian TV presenter and blogger famous for her pink Lamborghini is being investigated after she transferred a multi-million-pound business to a childhood friend when she found out she was facing a tax probe.

The former hostess is often described as a modern-day Cinderella after giving up training to be a masseuse and moving to Moscow in 2015 where she took a course about presenting on television.

She now runs two Instagram pages with 26 million followers in total. She loves cars and owns an Infinity Q60 sedan, a new American Chevrolet Camaro muscle car, a Lamborghini Aventador supercar and a Mercedes-Benz G-class by AMG, running up thousands of pounds in fines and the cost of repairs following accidents.

But officials are reportedly staging a clampdown on successful bloggers who they suspect of not paying taxes on their earnings.

As a result, the Russian Federal Tax Service announced it was going to look at the books of the Ivleeva Production advertising agency, which is owned by 32-year-old Anastasia (Ivleeva) Uzenyuk.

They also reportedly requested reports from 20 firms that collaborated with Ivleeva Production in recent years.

In 2021, Forbes named Anastasia as the richest blogger in Russia and gave her a net worth of around USD 2.7 million (GBP 2.2 million).

Russian star Nastya Ivleeva,30, who had her Lamborghini Aventador taken by the authorities after accumulating 199 unpaid fines which were all from this year alone. (@_agentgirl_/CEN)

However, the tax services seem to believe her fortune might be much more and are comparing the money she claims to have earned with the values of the various contracts she has signed.

Ivleeva’s lawyer Anastasia Krasnikova said that all of her advertising contracts and promotions were carried out “legally and with complete transparency” and all promotions were clearly labelled in accordance with the Russian Law on Advertising Labeling.

However, it has now been revealed that control of the company has been transferred to Anna Samakova, who is a childhood friend of the blogger and who grew up together in the village of Razmetelevo, in the Leningrad Region.

In case the tax service finds violations of law, Anastasia could face charges along with the new owner, according to local media.

As well as the advertising business has shown a restaurant called “Shine” where she uses her name to promote it. She also has a snack food company called “Bee Knees”.


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