PLEASE BE MY PAYPAL: Gorgeous Influencer Offers USD 300 A Day For Travel Friend

A gorgeous influencer has raised eyebrows by offering USD 300 per day for a companion to accompany her on a trip to Dubai.

Turkish influencer Bahar Candan (pictured) who said she would pay USD 200 a day for a friend who would hang out with her. (@elitizm1/Newsflash)

Bahar Candan, 26, took to Instagram yesterday (Wednesday, 25th May) to make the baffling offer to her 557,000 followers.

In the bizarre post, Candan wrote (in her native Turkish): “I am looking for a friend who will come to Dubai with me.”

Of course, the invitation was not for just anyone and applicants had to be of a certain age, height and weight to complement Bahar.

She said: “Girls aged 18 to 23, 170 centimetres and above, 56 to 60 kilogrammes in appearance.

“Seven-star hotel, the privilege of flying business class with me. USD 300 every day, for a total of six days. Apply now.”

It is not the first time Candan has offered significant sums of money in exchange for friendship.

The influencer hit headlines in December last year when she shared a similar post reading: “I am looking for a female friend around Istinye Park and Maslak.

“Dinner is on me and I will pay USD 200 per day.”

Candan – who lives in Istanbul, where she is studying law at Beykent University – made a name for herself after she took part in the reality TV show Iste Benim Stilim (This Is My Style).

In the show, female contestants compete in front of a judge to find out who is the greatest fashionista.

She was runner-up in the sixth season of the show and won over many followers on social media, where she flaunts her apparent life of luxury and quirky fashion sense.

It is not clear if Candan has yet found a friend.


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