OnlyFans Nazi Hunter Strips Off To Reveal Secrets Of Her Tats

An OnlyFans model who exposed a secret Nazi cell has stripped off to tell the ink-redible truth about the tattoos all over her body.

Image shows the tattoos of Emely Siebert, 24, from the city of Dresden, Germany, undated photo. She exposed a Nazi party on Friday, May 19, 2023. (CEN)

Pornstar Emely Siebert, 24, was hailed for her expose of an event where Nazi followers staged a reception adorned with swastikas and other banned symbols.

Now Emely – from Dresden – has revealed her heavily inked body to media in her German homeland to explain the stories behind her tattoos.

She told Bild newspaper that many of them helped her to gain control and get over the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

Emely – who describes herself as “vegan antifascist” on social media -said: “That was my first tattoo, a few days before my 18th birthday. I wanted to have the warmth of the sun with me wherever I go.

“When it was done, I was so proud and happy. Over the years, I got many more tattoos.

“My left arm came next. This tattoo depicts the Indian God Ganesha. It’s supposed to clear my path from any obstacles.

“There’s a mandala too. Harmony has meant a lot to me.”

Image shows the tattoos of Emely Siebert, 24, from the city of Dresden, Germany, undated photo. She exposed a Nazi party on Friday, May 19, 2023. (CEN)

Emely revealed she was an insecure teen who regularly cut herself deliberately.

She explained: “I started getting tattoos to leave this harmful period in my life behind me.

“Now I’ve got beautiful images all over my body which I would never want to demolish.”

Emely added: “I needed treatment for a long time. My childhood was difficult. I experienced sexual abuse within my family.

“At the age of 14, I was hospitalised for the first time because of it all. It took me many years to get over it. Now I can deal with it.”

Speaking about the bird tattoo on her neck depicts, she told Bild: “It symbolises the chance to escape any bad situation. The bird is flying away from the thorns.”

Below Emely’s cleavage, there is a tattoo showing a bolt cutter which cuts open a barbed wire. Below, there is a pair of skeleton hands.

She explained: “These tattoos symbolise the power to shift the boundaries.”

Further tattoos depict a fox and Aries, the zodiac sign of her grandfather.

Emely- whose hardcore performances had made her a star on Only Fans – told Bild: “I have always enjoyed doing things that are a bit outside the norm. I like to provoke.

“Moreover, I am glad to finally love my body and enjoy showing it off.”

Emely – a trained geriatric nurse – said: “Ahead of the first video, I was quite unsure. I’d never thought I would find it so enjoyable.”

“The OnlyFans users are very polite and respectful towards me – I appreciate that about the community.

“With my films and pictures, I earn around EUR 2,000 to 3,000 [GBP 1,700-2,600] per month.

“After the swastika video, I even had a weekly payout of EUR 4,000 [GBP 3,400].”

She added: “There is nothing better than doing what you enjoy and getting paid for it. Fair sex work is rare, and in many areas, men are still paid better.”

Thanks to Emely’s Nazi expose police are now investigating the organiser of the far-right bash for “using symbols of unconstitutional organisations.”

Local media said the police managed to identify 15 individuals who attended the garden party.

German law bans the production and display of any symbols with a clear Nazi ideology background in public and private.

But Emely is also facing investigation after the host of the meeting reported her to the police for trespass and defamation.

Under strict German privacy laws, people can not shoot films or pictures on private land without the property owner’s permission.

The complainant – named only as Jens S. – claims she defamed him with illegally recorded footage.
Emely meanwhile vows to continue her fight against fascism.

One of her Instagram posts says: “May we always fight for a good cause whenever the authorities and the police turn a blind eye! Alerta alerta, antifascista!”

And she said: “People on the internet are telling me that they have found out where I live.

“But this won’t intimidate me. I hope that my video will encourage many others to stand up against far-right extremism.”

In her expose Emely infiltrated what was a private barbecue in Doebeln, Saxony State.

Her footage shows a red flag with a swastika and another flag featuring an imperial eagle and a Celtic cross hanging up in a marquee.

The Celtic cross was adopted as a secret symbol of Nazis after World War II.

When she confronted the men and quizzed them about the banned symbols, one of them argued: “We’re celebrating Men’s Day today.”

Image shows the tattoos of Emely Siebert, 24, from the city of Dresden, Germany, undated photo. She exposed a Nazi party on Friday, May 19, 2023. (CEN)

Emely replied by saying: “You know that this is a punishable offence?”

When neither of the men reacted, she asked: “So you think that’s cool? Is that the appropriate way to celebrate?”

Eventually, one man approaches the young woman to tell her: “Bugger off What’s your problem?”


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