BALD IS BEAUTIFUL: Model Shaves Head After Battle With Alopecia

This is the moment an Italian influencer cuts her hair off live for her online followers after struggling with alopecia.

Model Rihan Aluan broadcast the video for her nearly 25,000 TikTok followers earlier this month (April). It has since racked up 4.8 million views.

She also shared the clip with her 25,000-plus Instagram followers, writing: “I don’t know if this story could have been any more hilarious than it already is.

“PS: I know it may seem strange to see, but apparently hair can fall out without an (apparent) reason.

“Actually, the reasons can be multiple, but often it’s the only ‘symptom’ and fortunately (let’s say) it’s just an aesthetic factor!

“I had to cut them anyway because they were all falling out and otherwise they get tangled together, of course, I’m not leaving them like this, but tomorrow I will borrow a clipper and remove the remaining ones, although the fringe didn’t look bad on me.”

The Italian-Syrian fashion model has since completely shaven her head and has not looked back.

She posted a picture of her new look on Instagram, writing: “For me it’s a yes.”

Picture shows Italian model and influencer Rihan Aluan, undated. She cut her hair and confided in battling alopecia. (@syrihanaluan/CEN)

She regularly updates her followers on her condition, always with good humour and a smile.

Rihan initially tried to conceal her hair loss by wearing hats and scarves, but she eventually grew tired of covering her head.

Her followers have been thanking her for her openness.

One wrote: “Thanks to your video, I managed to make my child, who is losing hair due to chemotherapy, smile. Thank you for your happiness.”

Another commented: “I admire your smile, we need to learn from you! You are amazing! Thank you for making us understand that there is often a solution.”


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