Meet The Sexiest Colombian Cop

A female Colombian police officer has notched up over a million followers on Instagram who are all keen to follow her career path.

The young woman named Gina Alexandra Pinzon Narvaez is a National Police Patrol Officer and has more than 1.2 million followers in total on the social media channel.

She also wins admirers while on the job with some commenting on her account that if they were fined by her, they would refuse in order to be arrested.

The 28-year-old woman said that she is proud of her appearance but feels it is her personality and determination to do the job that makes her connect most with followers.

The woman from Cali publishes photographs of her work as a patrol officer that regularly go viral and she has since been appointed a ‘Digital Ambassador’ to encourage tourism and culture in the western municipalities.

Photo shows Gina Alexandra Pinzon Narvaez, undated. The sexiest Colombian cop, 28, is a star on Instagram and Tik Tok. (@alexaaa_narvaez/CEN)

On the back of that, they also allow her to sell things for brands including hair products.

But when uniform she shows images of herself working on the job including a recent assignment to carry out crowd control at a football match.

And she is not just a police officer, she also runs other social media accounts, which focus on her work as a personal fitness trainer, and another which shows off her dazzling dancing skills.

But she does not just post images in uniform, and added only recently a sensual video in which she wears a tiny bikini, that attracted hundreds of comments.


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