Mum Joins Daughter On OnlyFans After Realising She Could Make A Fortune

An OnlyFans model’s mum has joined her daughter on the adult platform after realising her daughter has earned millions selling her sexy pictures.

Mrs. Wood from Colombia reportedly joined her daughter, stunner Melanie Wood, on the saucy adult subscription site after she found out she could earn some decent cash for her nudes.

The hot mum wrote on her account: “Hi. I’m Mel’s mom, but you already know that. Do not be afraid to fall in love with a mom, mature [ones] know best.

“Just follow one simple rule, this is my kingdom, enter if you want to be dominated.”

In order to help her mum gain more followers, Melanie shared a series of snaps of the two of them posing together in sexy lingerie on Instagram on Sunday, 4th June.

The young influencer and content creator who boasts more than 64,600 followers on Instagram, said: “Do you follow my beautiful mom?

“She will be posting new content often on her account, so don’t forget to follow her and say hello and leave a message saying you came from me, I’ll be reading you there.”

In another raunchy post of the duo, Melanie added: “When you plan on hiding and disconnecting, but life has other plans for you, doesn’t it?”

Melanie’s inviting posts gained thousands of likes in a matter of hours, leaving her fans unable to resist commenting.

Instagram user ‘Johnn King’ said: “How beautiful is the daughter, how beautiful is the mom.”

User ‘Samin Djojomarto’ commented: “The universe got plans for you.”

And ‘Rikoton’ asked: “Which one is the mother and which one is the daughter, please?”


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