Beauty Influencer Says Her Perfect Body Scares Off Men

A Brazillian model has told how she’s been single for four years because men are terrified of the confidence her perfect body gives her.

Influencer Emanuelly Monteiro, 33, is well known to her 1.5 million Instagram followers for her amazing curves and apparently gravity-defying bottom.

But despite her devastating looks, blonde Emanuelly has revealed that she hasn’t had a boyfriend in years.

She explained: “Men are afraid of secure, successful women. Some of them believe they need to protect and be essential to their lives.”

Emanuelly added:”When they find a woman who doesn’t need that, there’s frustration because there’s no way to control her.

“Of course, they’re not everyone, but I think that’s even good because it removes what is broken and only those who want to stay are left.”

Unlike many of her fellow influencers, Emanuelly says she is not into chasing celebrities and stars as a potential partner.

Brazilian model Emanuelly Monteiro poses in undated photo. She has been reportedly single for four years. (@emanuellymonteeiro/CEN)

She said: “I’m more reserved in relation to relationships, so much so that I prefer to relate to anonymous people.”

And she says principles, and values outweigh physical appearance when choosing a lover.

She said: “The most important thing is to have respect, affection, being responsible. Taking care of yourself is also important, but values ​​are paramount.”

But Emanuelly is confident that she will eventually find her Mr Right.

She said: “I’m very happy, in a great phase. But nobody knows what fate has in store.”


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