Stunning OnlyFans Model Slammed For Selling Herself To Boyfriends To Buy Luxury GBP 320K Maserati

A gorgeous OnlyFans model from Mexico has been slammed by her fans after she decided to spoil herself with a brand new GBP 326,000 Maserati.

Stunner Karely Ruiz from the city of Monterrey, in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, triggered an avalanche of comments when she posed with the grey sports car online.

In one of them, the astonishing brunette said: “I was gone for a while to buy this beaut!”

Media speculated that she splashed an astounding MXN 7 million (GBP 326,000) to treat herself to the MC20 2023 Maserati for turning 23 on Saturday, 28th October.

However, some of her social media followers did not hold back from saying their thoughts out loud and accused her of selling her body for money.

Karely Ruiz shows off her new car, undated. The popular content creator for OnlyFans acquired a Maserati, model MC20 2023. (@karelyruiz/CEN)

Instagram user ‘marcopa23’ said: “The oldest profession in the world is still the best.”

User ‘jersonsad24’ commented: “What an honourable way to make money, hahaha, keep it up.”

And ‘miller_jessie_’ added: “Damn, I’m seriously thinking about selling my body.”

Unbothered by the negative criticism, the racy PlayBoy model, who boasts more than 9.4 million followers on Instagram, said: “Even those who pay have nothing to say anymore.”

She then thanked her OnlyFans subscribers, who pay USD 16 (GBP 13) monthly to access her naughty snaps and videos, for making it possible.

Karely Ruiz poses in undated photo. The popular content creator for OnlyFans acquired a Maserati, model MC20 2023. (@KarelyruizmOnly/CEN)

Karely said: “Stop attacking each other over the car, man. A massive thanks to my boyfriends who pay to see me, I love them.”

She continued: “Shall we play the part?”


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