OnlyFans Beauty Leaks Chat With Neymar Asking Her For Nudes

An OnlyFans beauty has claimed that Neymar asked her for nudes.

Aline Farias poses in undated photo. She reportedly exposed conversations with Neymar. (@alinefarias/Newsflash)

Aline Farias has made headlines in Brazil over the revelation and she even reportedly released screenshots of her alleged conversation with the football star to back up her claim on Monday, 27th November.

The exchange, in Portuguese, allegedly started with the former Paris Saint-Germain player asking: “Are there nudes?”

Farias, who has over 37,700 followers on Instagram, then replied that she had several sexy photos on her profile.

Neymar then allegedly asked: “Where? I want to see.”

She then sent a link to some of her adult content, saying cheekily: “But you have to tell me what you thought afterwards, huh”.

But the Brazilian national squad forward then allegedly replied that he could not access the content.

Aline Farias poses in undated photo. She reportedly exposed conversations with Neymar. (@alinefarias/Newsflash)

Farias explained that to do so, he would have to subscribe to her profile and log in.

She said: “You have to sign, baby. There are some other photos at the bottom. I’m going to sleep, take care, angel. Good night. I’ll teach you better later if you can’t [sign in].”

The chat shows that Neymar then allegedly sent Farias a message with a flame emoji indicating he had managed to access the naughty snaps.

The allegation by Farias comes after Neymar has again been linked to another woman weeks after he and Bruna Biancardi became parents to baby Mavie.

According to journalist Fabia Oliveira, Neymar, who now plays for Saudi team Al Hilal, threw a party at his mansion in Mangaratiba with 35 guests and was spotted with 22-year-old actress Nathalia Morais.


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