Neymar’s Chesty Playmate’s Bizarre Brows Raise Eyebrows

A busty Playboy Playmate once linked to footie ace Neymar has raised eyebrows with her own, bizarre brows.

Soraja Vucelic poses in an undated photo. She attracted the attention of netizens with her eyebrows. (@sorajavucelic/Newsflash)

Chesty Soraja Vucelic recently baffled netizens after posting snaps of herself with long, wispy strands of hair above her natural eyebrows.

One of her 451,000 Insta fans commented: “I don’t like negative comments, but I really don’t understand these eyebrows.”

An expert has now told Serbian media that he believes that the 36-year-old glamour model has had an eyebrow transplant.

Dr Shadi Abunaser said: “Soraja did not overdo the amount of hair, but she let them grow longer and shaped them to her liking.

“Trends always change, and we are used to shorter eyebrows.”

Soraja, who grew up in an orphanage in what is now Montenegro, came to the world’s attention following an alleged relationship with Brazil star Neymar in 2014.

The forward was playing for Barcelona at the time of the rumours.

Soraja Vucelic poses in an undated photo. She attracted the attention of netizens with her eyebrows. (@sorajavucelic/Newsflash)

Dr Abunaser explained: “When hair transplantation is done on eyebrows, your own hair from the head or nape of the neck is used, which needs to be maintained by trimming it to the desired length. Otherwise, it grows to the length of the hair.

“The donor region is also the nape of the neck, and before the intervention, the desired shape that the patient wants is outlined.

“Once the shape is finished, anaesthesia is applied to eliminate pain during the procedure.”

Soraja, who uses social media to post snaps of her expensive shopping sprees, gave birth to son Kan in February.

She has previously been linked to the criminal Skaljari clan, and her name once appeared on a list of people banned from entering Serbia.

Local media report that a bomb was planted in her Range Rover in Podgorica in 2015, and two years later, her Maserati was set on fire in Belgrade.

Dr Abunaser said: “In my practice, more and more women come to have their eyebrows done because it is the only solution to replace lost hair, and to avoid using alternative methods that do not give a natural look.”


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