Pretty Brazilian Influencer Claims Boyfriend Punched And Strangled Her In City Of Love

A Playboy model who struggled to find love and once married herself to show how hard it is to find the right man says the man of her dreams punched and strangled her during a trip to Paris.

The brutal attack left Janaina Prazeres, 35, who was voted Playboy’s “perfect woman” with a broken eye socket, nose and jaw when he also threatened to kill her.

Pretty model Janaina made headlines when she married herself because she could not find the right man.

She said: “Many people think we achieve good things with the help of others, but I am proud to say that everything I have acquired has been through the sweat of my own work.”

Janaina said the ceremony was a declaration of self-love, as she valued herself as a woman and knew what she needed: “I realised that, to be truly happy and fulfilled, I needed to first love myself unconditionally. This ring symbolises a solid connection with myself.”

After being named the “perfect woman” by Playboy, her life changed after meeting and falling in love with Kalel dos Santos Dias, but she has now filed a complaint with the French police following the brutal assault.

The French police report indicates that Janaina was attacked while the pair were in their hotel room.

Janaina also took to social media to say that it was not the first time her boyfriend had attacked her, adding that the pair had gone to Paris in a bid to repair their relationship and wean him off drugs.

She said the attacks took place last week, saying: “There was a day when he couldn’t sleep, he said he wanted to go out and that he was going to kill everyone. Then he left the room, and when he came back, he started punching himself in the head. I asked him to calm down.”

She said that his response was to attack her and added: “He knocked me out. When I woke up, I was in a lot of pain.

“This happened two more times. The third time, he was trying to hang me from the bed. When he couldn’t put me out, he started punching me in the face.

“When I managed to get up, I felt horrible pain. There was a lot of pain. blood on the sheet. I screamed for help. I could no longer see out of one eye.”

She continued: “He told me to take a shower. I went there, washed off the blood and just prayed and asked him to stop. When I sat at the head of the bed, he came and choked me. I couldn’t breathe.

“I was already very exhausted, I thought: I’m going to die here. After a while, I woke up and heard him saying: ‘Why haven’t you died yet, you b*tch?”

She said she then managed to escape from the hotel room and get help from a hotel employee.

The police were called and she was taken to a safe location.

She said she suffered a broken eye socket, nose and jaw.

Back in Brazil, she underwent surgery in Sao Paulo to correct her vision.

She said: “The surgery was a success, it didn’t affect any nerves, thank God.”

Janaina works as a model and was chosen by Norway’s edition of Playboy as the “perfect woman”.

Local media said that Kalel dos Santos Dias was arrested and the police are investigating.


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