Influencer Mocked After Turning Eight-Year-Old Frozen Breast Milk Into Jewellery

An influencer and mum of five has shocked her fans after she revealed she turned the breast milk she had preserved for eight years into jewellery.

Daniela Buechner, 46, told her 334,000 Instagram followers that she got the idea to memorialise the frozen breast milk after she found it while cleaning her warehouse.

She reportedly found the milk in the freezer following the birth of her twins Jenna and Diego eight years ago, and said she had completely forgotten about the fact that it was there.

The process is increasingly popular among mothers in which the milk first of all needs to be preserved by making it into a paste and then drying it.

It is then mixed with silicon resin and shaped into jewellery such as beads or a pendant.

The influencer and reality TV star who gained fame after taking part in RLT’s “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants” docu-soap said: “How beautiful this is.”

Daniela from the city of Duesseldorf, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, who currently lives in Mallorca, Spain then thanked the manufacturer for the unique gift, emphasising its emotional value to her.

She said: “It’s not life that changes, but plans.”

The influencer’s social media post sparked numerous comments from her followers, some of whom ridiculed her peculiar choice.

Facebook user ‘Eddi Laumanns’ said: “I don’t think that for me, life without this information would have been worth living. But now I’m, of course, very HAPPY!”

Then user ‘Sandra ter Veen’ commented: “Important information.”

And ‘Gregor Dove’ added: “Now the lady has really lost her mind.”


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