Blonde Chef Joins OnlyFans To Flog ‘Arousing’ Recipes

A curvy chef has taken to OnlyFans to flog her “aphrodisiacal” recipes.

Blonde Eloa Oliveira, who boasts 23,800 followers on Instagram, recently signed up to the adult platform to flog nudes, as well as her “naturally arousing” food plans.

Eloa, who is currently taking part in the Miss Copa do Brasil beauty contest, told Brazilian media: “I’ve always enjoyed showing myself. That’s why I entered the contest and embraced sensual content.

“But I don’t want to be just another person showing their body. That’s why the idea of bringing my chef side came up.

“I believe sensuality goes hand in hand with gastronomy. The whole process of preparing a recipe, serving it, and savouring its flavour has a magical and romantic involvement.

“It’s no wonder that dinners are the best choice for seduction.”

Eloa, who specialises in vegan and functional food, says most men look for naturally aphrodisiacal options on the menu to give them a little help during adult nap time.

So she is now flogging various recipes using fresh and healthy ingredients on her new OnlyFans page.

Eloa told local media: “Beyond nudes and explicit videos, I also teach some miraculous recipes. I use foods that increase blood flow and erection. And, of course, I always appear in a provocative and spicy way.

“It’s like a natural Viagra. Men send messages saying that it really works, that it brings results. They liked the idea.”

The influencer chef is hoping that her presence on the adult platform will help her rake in BRL 1 million (GBP 163,000) by the end of the year.

She hopes to invest her earnings in her functional food brand.

But Eloa does not intend to give up her modelling career. She said: “I’ll juggle everything. I still want to make it onto TV and popularise my recipes.”


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