Influencer Tells Of Life With 18 Different Personalities In Her Mind

Influencer Giovanna Blasi has opened up about her life trying to cope with 18 different personalities living inside her head.

Brazilian beauty Giovanna Blasi – who has over 100,000 followers on TikTok – never quite knows who she is going to be.

And anyone from a sexy pole dancer to a gay man can take over and cause her to act and talk completely differently.

Giovanna, 21, was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) last November and now shares her bewilderingly different identities on social media.

One video shows her as Aurora, speaking in a high-pitched voice, while another shows her as Melanye, with a completely different voice and body language.

A third video shows Giovanna’s personality Dandara lighting up a cigarette and speaking in a deep voice. with aggressive, confident body language.

And a fourth clip reveals her as ‘Tata’, who appears to exhibit some of the symptoms of autism.

Giovanna explained: “I suffered some violence in childhood, physical violence, it wasn’t sexual, and, because of that, I started to dissociate.”


Dissociation is a mental process whereby a person disconnects from their thoughts and feelings, and even their memories and their sense of identity.

There are a number of dissociative disorders including dissociative amnesia, depersonalisation disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Giovanna tells how her different personalities were first happy to appear just in her mind.

She said: “They started to appear to me as characters in my head, because they had their way of speaking, their way of being, they just didn’t have names.”

Her first new identity appeared when she was five with a personality the same age called Momo.

Giovanna’s family, she says, at first believed that Momo was an imaginary friend.

She said: “Momo already came up with a name. She arrived saying in my head that her name was Momo and she was the first identity of the ‘system’.”


The ‘system’ is the term she uses to refer to the group of different identities inhabiting her body.

As new personalities began to appear, Giovanna at first named them only after their characteristics.

One was called ‘the psychologist’, another ‘the thing’ and a third ‘the strategist’ because it was so calculating.

Giovanna said the additional personalities emerged when they were triggered by traumas she suffered through childhood.

She said that they eventually began to influence how she spoke and how she behaved.

Giovanna explained how she spent years covering up her condition, fearing that she might suffer from schizophrenia like her older brother, who has not been named.

At one point, she reveals, she could “switch identities at least 14 times a day”.


It was only after her baffled boyfriend, also unnamed, her friends and her mother Cristhiane Lima worked together that she realised what was happening to her.

This eventually led to her DID diagnosis after three months of treatment, in November 2022.

Her condition comes with something called dissociative amnesia, which means that the other personalities cannot remember what the dominant personality at the time has done or experienced.

Thanks to specialised treatment, Giovanna explained she has stopped trying to repress identities and began communicating with them and taking control of the exchanges.

By creating a ‘headspace’, which she described as a location in her mind with a house and a garden, she is able to communicate with all of her personalities at the same time.

The house and garden have become the ‘host’ of her ‘system’, which she has dubbed “Sistema Resiliencia” (‘Resilience System’).

Mum Cristhiane said: “Everyone wants me to have a hospitalisation attitude, to give medication, that I should destroy her nervous system.

“But I noticed that when she is calmer, has a more disciplined life, a good diet, everything is fine, she can assume the responsibilities of her activities.”

Giovanna is now reportedly followed by a neuropsychologist who provides individualised care for each of her 18 personalities.

Her personalities include Giovanna, the original identity; ‘Tata’, also known as ‘The Thing’, who is autistic; and Aline, the system’s resident psychologist, who changes her age at will and is currently 29.

Then there is Ariel, the newcomer who appeared six weeks ago and who is a 25-year-old homosexual man.

Giovanna said: “He has a very unique personality, being both homosexual and male. He is very charismatic and enjoys welcoming people.

“His characteristic is being the organiser, so he arranges the work activities for the girls, my routine, and the girls’ routines. He is also planning a circuit to make everything work smoothly.”

Giovanna’s other personalities include Aurora, an artist – “she’s a very kind identity, but she’s kind of sly, difficult and a bit of a liar” – and Ayana, 35, who is religious and motherly.

Dandara is the “protector of the system” who defends everyone from external threats.

Giovanna said: “She was diagnosed by the neurologist as an antisocial personality, and she has no feelings, she doesn’t feel anything.

“But she does not pose a risk to society, she is not a criminal, she’s just a very cold person. She’s communicative, she likes to talk, but it depends on the person.”

Then there is 12-year-old Dean, who is mute and communicates only via sign language.

Giovanna describes another boy – Herbert, 15 – as “the personification of my anger.”

Isabella is very anxious and shakes a lot, talks fast and is the system’s strategist, says Giovanna.

Laura is in charge of fitness and likes to clean, says Giovanna.

Another, Lina, 27, is highly intelligent and cultured but authoritarian and serious, says Giovanna,

And Luara, 21, she says, has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and is absent-minded.

Others, she says, include Lua, 17, described as “the psycho of the system.”,

Another called Luisa, 24, is known as the “party girl”, says Giovanna, with a “sensual identity.”

Giovanna says: “She likes to dance, do pole dancing, likes to communicate with people.”

Maria Helena, 17, is depressed and keeps everyone’s feelings bottled up, while Melanye is always stressed and impatient, but is also very funny.

Finally, says Giovanna, Momo is just five years old and very cheerful and cheeky.

Psychology expert Fabiano de Abreu Rodrigues, a postdoctoral researcher in neurosciences at the University of California and a member of the Society for Neuroscience and the APA – the American Philosophical Association – said: “DID is a complex psychiatric disorder, characterised by the presence of two or more distinct identities within the same person.

“They are called alter egos or dissociative states, and can take control of the individual recurrently, causing memory lapses, for example.”

De Abreu Rodrigues, who is also a member of Mensa, the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world, said that Dissociative Identity Disorder is often confused with schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder.

He explained that the condition is typically the result of traumatic experiences in childhood, such as physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

The individual’s mind develops a defence mechanism – such as dissociation – to deal with pain and to protect their “protect psychic integrity”.

The condition, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, famously featured in the 1976 film Sybil starring Sally Field.


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