Beauty Queen Has Organ Donor Sign Inked On Chest

A beauty queen has shown off her ink-credible new tattoo – telling surgeons to harvest her organs when she dies.

The sign – known as an Optink – is a sign to medics that the wearer has given their full permission to donate their body parts.

Now German model Vanessa Didam, 30, from the city of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia State, Germany, has shown off her version of the inking running down the left side of her chest as a permanent sign of her wishes.

Vanessa unveiled her latest inking to her 10,000 Instagram followers on Saturday, 6th May.

The symbol is supposed to show a half circle making another circle whole, in the same way that donated organs save lives.

She explained: “I am a big supporter of organ and blood donation and saw by chance that there is this organ donor tattoo.

“And since I’ve been looking for a new tattoo for a long time anyway, I didn’t have to think long.”

Vanessa – a finalist in Top 10 Miss Germany 2023 – was inspired in her choice by her 33-year-old fiance Andi, who is a trauma surgeon.

She said: “It made me realise that when your life ends, other lives should still go on.

“Say YES to organ donation!”

The Optink logo was designed by tattoo artist Gara from Berlin and is said to symbolise the gift of life through organ donation.

It was promoted through a campaign named ‘Get inked. Give life’ as there are currently around 10,000 people waiting for an organ transplant in Germany.

Organ donation awareness organisation Junge Helden (Young Heroes) that created the initiative said: “This year again, 1,000 of them won’t receive one on time.

“While most Germans say they are willing to donate their organs, only 0.001 per cent do. Because our officials insist on maintaining the system of explicit consent.

“Yet all it takes to opt-in is to carry proof of consent, whatever its form.”


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