Spanish Influencer Attacked By Pet Rottweiler

A Spanish influencer has taken to Instagram to share snaps of her nasty injuries with her 1.3 million followers after her pet Rottweiler attacked her.

Sofia Suescun poses with her dog Marco, in undated photo. She was attacked by her Rottweiler Marco, on Monday, June 1, 2023. (@sofia_suescun/Newsflash)

The dangerous dog, named Marco, attacked former Big Brother winner Sofia Suescun on 28th May.

Sofia, 26, took to Instagram Stories to write “Se ha liado”, which roughly translates to “Things have got messy”, in capital letters, followed by a crying emoji.

After her followers expressed their concern, Sofia, from Pamplona, took to the social network the following day to explain what had happened.

She said: “I apologise for the worry, but mine is greater right now.

“Last night, I had a small mishap with Marco (unintentionally) and he caused a fairly deep cut on my face (just from grazing me with his tooth).”

She shared several images of her injuries, including one next to her right eyebrow.

She showed how her partner, Kiko Jimenez, applied a gauze soaked in disinfectant to the wound before putting a plaster over it.

Picture shows the injuries of Sofia Suescun, undated. She was attacked by her Rottweiler Marco, on Monday, June 1, 2023. (@sofia_suescun/Newsflash)

Sofia asked her followers in another post to Instagram Stories: “Do you think disinfecting and using a plaster is enough?

“I need to find a way to minimise the big scar that I’m going to have.

“I went to the clinic, but they didn’t see a reason to stitch it or even treat it, so I went to the pharmacy to buy Cristalmina (an anti-septic) and some adhesive cutaneous suture strips that a medical friend recommended to bring the ends closer together and minimise the mark as much as possible.

“This time, I plan to take good care of it, especially in the sun.”

It is not the first mishap Sofia has had with Marco. In February, the Rottweiler accidentally headbutted her, causing her eyelid to swell, and in August last year, Kiko was the victim when Marco scratched him on the arm.

Sofia won the 16th season of Gran Hermano (Big Brother’s Spanish Version) in 2015 when she was a 19-year-old psychology student.

Her mum, bus driver Maite Galdeano, was also in the house with her but was the first to be evicted.


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