Only Fans Star And The Strippers

An OnlyFans model had given followers a cheeky glimpse of her private life as she licks a stripper’s backside after a charity fundraiser.

Photo shows Katja Krasavice, undated. The OnlyFans model, 27, went to a strip club. (@katjakrasavice/Newsflash)

Katrin Vogelova, 27, from the German city of Leipzig, had been drumming up cash for an AIDS charity when she slipped away to party at a club.

A video clip of the night shows Katrin, for once fully dressed, on a leather sofa sandwiched between two erotic dancers wearing see-through lingerie.

Katrin looks mesmerised as both girls twerk and gyrate wildly to loud music.

In one screenshot Katrin is seen licking one of the stripper’s backside while she stuffs banknotes into her thong.

Another shot shows a dark-haired dancer straddling Katrin as she puts more cash into her g-string.

Katrin told her 3.7 million Instagram followers: “Since I rarely show my private life, I’m posting something about it now.”

In one previous interview, she confessed to having a date in a strip club because, she explained: “I love looking at beautiful women.”

Photo shows Katja Krasavice, undated. The OnlyFans model, 27, went to a strip club. (@katjakrasavice/Newsflash)

The influencer won the Glamour ‘Woman of the Year’ award in a ceremony in Berlin at the Museum Fotografiska, on 2nd November.

She told the audience: “Women have to be loud to be heard. Women can be anything they want.

“I am incredibly proud.

“There has been physical and psychological violence against me my entire life because I was generous and open about my sexuality at a time when it was ‘cool’ to slut-shame women.

“It’s all because I didn’t adapt. I never wanted to be a woman who appeared ‘normal’ to society. I always thought to myself: ‘Who decides what’s normal and what’s not?’

“Still, I really thought it was just that – the way I dress and present myself, I just have to live with the fact that people insult and exclude me.

“Despite all the hate, I still went the extra mile and fought against everyone alone with no one behind me.”

She added: “And now, at 27, girls come to me saying that I saved them from suicide and that they are now finally proud of themselves, no matter what people say.

German singer Katja Krasavice, 26, poses in undated photo. She broke her kitchen island while sitting on it during a test photo. (@katjakrasavice/Newsflash)

“For me, this award means that I did everything right, just as ‘different’ as I am.”

Katrin Vogelova first found fame as a singer and YouTuber known as Katja Krasavice but eclipsed her music career with her OnlyFans success.

The erotic model claims to earn EUR 100,000 (GBP 86,780) a month through the adult platform.

She made headlines when she said that she would dump any guy who would not have sex with her more than twice a day.

She said: “If I’m in a relationship and my boyfriend only bangs me 15 times a week, I’ll break up! He must always be ready.”


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