Raunchy OnlyFans Star Calls Out Men Claiming They’re ‘Too Big’ By Putting A Condom On Her Leg

An OnlyFans model who claimed she will dump any guy who does not bed her more than 15 times a week has called out men who want unprotected sex and say they are ‘too big’ by putting on a condom on her leg.

Czech-born stunner Katrin Vogelova shared a TikTok video of her putting a condom over her foot to call out men who refuse to wear them with the excuse that they are too small for their manhood.

The influencer from the city of Leipzig, in Germany, popularly known as Katja Krasavice, 26, said: “He’s too big to wear one?”

And she then grabbed a yellow pleasure pack which she carefully opened and rolled it up over her leg, thus proving that men are lying when saying condoms do not fit them.

Amazed by her creative lecture, her more than 3.1 million TikTok followers did not restrain from commenting on her posts.

TikTok user ‘Domi’ said: “Unexpected, but a very good message.”

Then another one named ‘Jerome’ added: “Pahahahahah didn’t do it. Love it. She puts it on as if it were a sock.”

And ‘Sandra’ added: “Only you can come up with something like that. But totally awesome.”

The curvy model, who boasts more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram, made headlines when she revealed that she earns EUR 100,000 (GBP 86,780) a month through Only Fans.

She said: “Since I’ve had this platform, I’ve been earning no less than six figures a month.

“I’m the most successful woman in Germany on the platform.”

Katja then once again hit the front when she said during a live stream on Instagram on 24th May, that she would dump a guy who would not have sex with her more than twice a day.

She said: “If I’m in a relationship and my boyfriend only bangs me 15 times a week, I’ll break up! He must always be ready.”

Known for her sexy photoshoots and provocative media appearances, the influencer was a massive hit in Germany’s Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, coming in sixth in the show.

But she faced fury from animal lovers when she released a music video for her single ‘OnlyFans’ featuring live brightly-dyed rabbits.

After animal rights group PETA accused her of cruelty, she deleted the scenes from the video.

Katrin later apologised and claimed the rabbit scenes were “an unconscious mistake”.


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