Actress Stands Up For Ukraine In Her Undies As Russian Missiles Blitz Kyiv

This is a moment a stunning Ukrainian actress shows off her new front as she reveals her underwear during a Russian missile attack on Kyiv.

Anna Trincher, 21, had been filming her make-up routine for her 1.9 million Instagram followers when the air strike hit on the morning of Monday, 29th May.

As she stands up Anna reveals that she is wearing just a matching bra and pants set with a checked pyjama jacket.

At the distinctive sound of the first explosive ‘crump,’ Anna says (in Ukrainian): “F*ck.”

Then – as the explosions can be heard getting closer – a man can be heard in the background saying: “F*ck, so loud.”

Anna then says “f*ck” again as another woman is heard saying “Are these rockets or what?”

Anna then says: “F*ck, I’m shocked!”

Picture shows Ukrainian singer and actress Anna Trincher, 21, undated. She heard the sound of Russian bombing in Kyiv, Ukraine on Monday, May 29, 2023. ( @annatrincher_official/CEN)

The other woman, who appears to have spotted an incoming Russian missile, can then be heard saying “Do you see? There! It’s flying.”

The footage then shows Anna getting up and revealing that she is in her undies before she hastily pulls her pyjama jacket around her.

Anna captioned the footage: “GLORY TO UKRAINE! Glory to the Air Defence Forces, Glory to our Heroes!”

She jokingly added: “Take care and go to the shelter, don’t do your makeup like me because there are 30 minutes left before the meeting.”

Kyiv has been under intense bombardment from Russia in the last few days, with wave after wave of missile strikes and drone attacks.


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