Raunchy Singer MC Pipokinha Irks Pilot By Pulling Down Pants In Cockpit

This is the bizarre moment raunchy singer MC Pipokinha pulls her trousers down in a plane cockpit ahead of a commercial flight.


The 24-year-old could be seen pulling the bizarre stunt ahead of take-off and bearing much of her buttocks for the camera held by her pal.

The footage shows how the pilot sitting next to her is less than impressed as he tells her: “You can’t do that. Don’t show it. Show respect.”

But the favela-funk star can be seen cackling and slapping him as she pulls her trousers back up and says: “I didn’t show it, I’m wearing shorts. Did you think I was naked?”

She then grips the yoke as the clip – which was posted on 29th May – ends. Local media did not reveal which airport it was filmed at.

Brazilian airline Gol informed local media that it offers supervised cockpit visits with the captain’s approval.

It is far from the first time MC Pipokinha has got herself into hot water.

Brazilian singer MC Pipokinha takes off her pants next to a pilot in a plane cabin, undated. The pilot asked her not to show her butt. (CEN)

She caused controversy when a clip of her receiving oral sex from a naked, busty female fan while performing on stage went viral.

And she caused a stir again when she posted a video showing a cat apparently licking her nipple.

The video even prompted netizens to accuse her of zoophilia and demand that prosecutors investigate her.

Pipokinha – real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves – has a seven-year-old daughter, whom she became pregnant with when she was 16.

She lives in Sao Paulo but often visits her daughter and her grandparents at the family home in rural southern Brazil.


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