Teen Nearly Lost Eyesight After Birthday Cake Face Dunk

A Russian teenager was hospitalised after her pals dunked her face into her birthday cake and a skewer pierced her eye.

Footage of the moment the 17-year-old suffered the nasty injury was taken at her bash in Simferopol, Crimea, on 21st May.

The teen had apparently asked her friends to shove her face into the cake herself, not realising that the confectioner had placed sharp skewers inside it to hold it together.

Polina Morozova later wrote alongside a viral TikTok video of herself dancing with a nasty black eye: “On 21st May, it was my birthday, and they dunked me into a two-tiered cake, which, as it turned out, had skewers inside.

“I spent a week in hospital and could have completely lost my sight in one eye. Now I’m back home and dancing cautiously.”

Polina was relatively lucky, as the skewer pierced her upper eyelid. Although she was diagnosed with retinal bleeding, had her macula been affected, she could have lost her vision altogether.

Friends of birthday girl Polina Morozova, 17, put her face in a cake during birthday party in Simferopol, Crimea on Sunday, May 21, 2023. There was a sharp pin inside the cake and Polina was hospitalized with injured eye. (@pollyshhaa/Newsflash)

The teen told local media: “Everything will be fine. My vision has already been restored, I just need the haematoma on my eyelid to heal, and then I will be able to open my eye normally.”

Polina told Newsflash in an interview: “There will only be a small scar on my eyelid and that’s it. The doctors say I’m lucky.”

On her time in hospital, she added: “My family was nearby, my parents came to the hospital every day, my friends helped my mother at home, they walked my dog, and they visited me every day with flowers.

“Everyone was very scared and incredibly worried about my condition, they did not turn away at a difficult moment for me, and they showed maximum care and love.”


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