Model Performs Yoga To Help Dream Of Having Worlds Biggest Bum

This is the moment a Serbian-Swedish influencer performs yoga exercises at home to help her achieve her goal of having the ‘world’s biggest bum’.

Natasha Crown, 29, shared the footage on Instagram for her 2 million followers with the message: “Morning yoga!”

In the short clip, the model is seen wiggling her huge derriere from side to side on a bed.

Crown has undergone numerous operations in her bid to boast the ‘world’s biggest bum’.

A few years ago, the model, who was born in Serbia but moved to Sweden when she was 10 years old, said: “My bum is like another dimension. I have broken chairs from my butt, I have broken beds, I have broken people with my butt.”

“I have always been different, and in Sweden women think that skinnier is more beautiful, but I think they need to see how a real woman should look.

“I started going to the gym, my bum grew. At some point, it just stopped, so I decided to have surgery. That was the start of everything.”

She explained that her surgeon told her to remove fat from her arms, inner thighs and back to boost her buttocks, adding: “After my first surgery, I was so happy. Six months later, I told him you did a great job, but I want to have more, and he was like ‘okay’.”

Model, Natasha Crown, who wants to have the worlds biggest bum. (@natasha_crown_official1/Newsflash)

Crown said she piled on the pounds by gorging on Nutella and pizza so she could insert even more fat into her bottom during the second op.

She went on to have a third bum boost as well as a boob job and fillers in her lips, chin and cheekbones.

Crown claimed she works out three or four times a week to keep her big bum looking pert, adding: “My goal is to have the world’s biggest bum and nothing is going to stop me from achieving it.”


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