Identical Sisters Who Date Identical Brothers Are Social Media Hit

A Brazilian influencer has gone viral on TikTok with her funny videos showing what it’s like when you and your identical twin sister date identical twin brothers.

In one video filmed at the gym titled “The worst part of being twins and dating twins”, Larissa Lazzarin entertained her 59,700 followers, writing: “That one over there is my twin, and I’m almost certain he’s my boyfriend, then I get confused.”

She then turns the camera from her sister and her sister’s boyfriend to her own boyfriend as he works out and writes: “But when I look at the other one, I realise that he’s my boyfriend, but still, he really looks like mine.

“They’re too alike, maybe we switched and didn’t even notice, but this one here is mine.”

Larissa, 19, wrote alongside the video, which had been viewed 11.9 million times in just two days: “It’s a real head-scratcher.”

One TikTok user commented: “I imagine the gym getting all confused when they see a couple on one side and suddenly see another on the other side.”

Larissa Lazzarin, 19, (left) poses with her boyfriend Lucas Orsato, (left) and her sister Leticia Camille (right) and her boyfriend Filipe Orsato, (right) undated. The identical twin sisters are dating identical twin brothers. (@casal.twins/CEN)

Another joked: “Can you imagine both couples having twin children?”

And a third suggested: “You could wear matching bracelets so both of you know who is who.”

The two couples – Larissa Lazzarin and Lucas Orsato, and Leticia Lazzarin and Filipe Orsato – live in Toledo, Brazil, and are also active on Instagram.

Larissa writes in her TikTok bio: “The story of the twins dating twins.”


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