German Hunk Unrecognisable After Losing Six-Pack And Ending Up Penniless

A famous German actor has stunned his followers after swapping his six-pack for a dad bod and revealing he is nearly broke.

David Ortega, 37, poses before the change in undated photo. He astonished his Instagram fans with his new appearance. (@davidortegaarenas/Newsflash)

Influencer David Ortega Arenas, 37, from the city of Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia State, Germany, captured the hearts of millions when he appeared in the 11th season of Germany’s Big Brother in 2011.

The ex-waiter and model then flaunted his toned abs in several other TV shows including RTL’s ‘Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!’ (‘I am a star – get me out of here!’) and ‘Cologne 50667’.

But the 37-year-old star now shocked his fans after he shared a before and after photo on Instagram, showing he had dropped his six-pack for a beer belly and had grown a bushy beard.

Ortega – who boasts nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram – wrote in the snap’s description: “Wonderful, [feeling] blessed, [today’s a] very good day.

“Unusual? But I love myself so much! Now I ask you [what would you choose], today or before? Your chance, your choice.”

Then in another photo, he said: “Soon… I’m applying for certain roles in…

“Thank you for your messages. When I look at myself from back then, then I’m more ready than before, so prepared… I thank my friends so much and I love my family so much.”

David Ortega, 37, poses after the change in undated photo. He astonished his Instagram fans with his new appearance. (@davidortegaarenas/Newsflash)

But being left stunned by the sight, his fans did not restrain from commenting on the social media posts.

Instagram user ‘Vincent Hinsch’ said: “So you have to like the way you are today. But compared to your Koeln50667 times, it has unfortunately become very negative.

User ‘’ commented: “Unfortunately, today you just seem unkempt and pretty off track.”

And ‘mrs_miller_lamk’ added: “So anyone who says that today is better is simply lying! I’m only evaluating the optics now and it just looks unkempt!”

In an earlier interview with German magazine ‘Bravo’, Ortega revealed that he was living off his savings and was unemployed due to “psychological reasons”.

He then declined he was homeless when asked about whether he owns a flat, but added that his bank account was almost empty after he had used most of his money to support his family.

The actor said: “I’m not homeless. I have a flat. Now I have to pick myself up again.”

Ortega has reportedly been unemployed since 2021.


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