Saucy OnlyFans Model Creates AI Clone To Do Whatever Her Fans Want

A scandalous OnlyFans model is hoping to find more time to enjoy life by creating an AI double to do all the naughty things that her followers want, including porn.

Anne Wuensche, 32, from the city of Berlin, Germany, poses in undated photo. She will Go AI on OnlyFans. (@anne_wuensche/CEN)

Anne Wuensche from the city of Berlin, Germany, hit the front page when she took a trip to the bar-packed Spanish resort of Mallorca only a couple of days after having an abortion. She was also slammed for partying during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, despite being no stranger to controversy, the 32-year-old mum-of-three draws the line at pornography but is now hoping to get around that by creating an artificial online version of herself to do everything her 1.1 million followers might desire.

Showing a snap of the bot, Wuensche said in an Instagram story: “She turned out so pretty and she’s naughtier than me.”

The stunning blonde continued: “One thing is certain, she has fewer boundaries than me.”

The virtual clone’s release is also geared towards allowing her to have more time with her son and two daughters.

The 32-year-old influencer, who is happy to do topless pictures but draws the line at anything more pornographic, said: “I won’t show my intimate area and won’t push myself into anything.

Anne Wuensche, 32, from the city of Berlin, Germany, poses in undated photo. She will Go AI on OnlyFans. (@anne_wuensche/CEN)

“Porn is not viewed favourably in society and you need to have a thick skin against harsh criticism, insults, and hatred – even from friends and family.”

She added: “I want to stimulate men’s imagination. I really show a lot and am provocative. However, pure pornography is my limit.”

The stunner also revealed the clone should help her get plenty of free time on her hands to run her cafe and spend more time with her children.

Wuensche, 32, added: “It wasn’t working well for me anymore. Something had to change, and it needed to change now.”

The erotic model first rose to fame with her acting role on the ‘Berlin – Day and Night’ show in 2011.

She revealed that she has been raking in cash ever since she began posting her topless snaps on the raunchy adult platform OnlyFans.

Anne Wuensche, 31, poses in undated photo. She claimed that her OnlyFans earnings bring her financial stability. (@anne_wuensche/CEN)

Wuensche then infuriated her fans after she went partying in Majorca just 48 hours after having an abortion with what would have been her fourth child earlier this year.

She was reportedly bombarded with negative messages from her Instagram followers who criticised her for not grieving the loss.

The influencer then commented: “I just couldn’t imagine life with four children. This is absolutely not my life and I know I made the right decision for me and my family.”


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