Reality Star Tells 2.6 Million Followers She Uses V1brator Every Morning As It Is The Best Energy Source And Good Mood Medicine

This reality star and former Big Brother contestant has told her 2.6 million followers that she uses a vibrator every morning as it is the “best energy source and good mood medicine”.

Hana Khalil, 26, influencer, shared the three things she always does during her morning routine, one is using a vibrator every morning, in March, 2022. (@khalilhana/Newsflash)

Hana Khalil, 26, starred in season 19 of Big Brother Brasil and she told her 2.6 million Instagram followers yesterday (Tuesday, 22nd March) that she uses the adult device daily before she even gets out of bed.

The pretty brunette said: “My secret: the best energy source and good mood medicine throughout the day. Touch yourself!”

Khalil posted this photograph, which apparently shows one of the sex toys that she uses for her morning ritual. She added the following text to the picture (in Portuguese): “My secret: the best energy source and good mood medicine throughout the day. Touch yourself! And this little vibrator ring is by @novapanty.”

The ‘novapanty’ Instagram handle belongs to Panty Nova, a sex toy company founded by two women only identified as Iza and Lola in 2018 and which claims to be “a pioneering company in sexual well-being” and “an online environment where people feel safe, comfortable and represented”.

It is currently unclear if Khalil meant what she said in her post or if it was a paid gig geared towards promoting a product.

Hana Khalil, 26, influencer, said she uses a vibrator every morning, in March, 2022. (@khalilhana/Newsflash)

Another photograph that she posted to her Instagram Stories appears to show her wearing lingerie and lying on a bed surrounded by sex toys.

She also said that she scrapes her tongue and washes her nose with a saline solution daily before having her breakfast.

Khalil recently told local media: “Having so many followers is an immense responsibility, despite being a privilege. I want more and more to improve my content and improve my speech, so that it is increasingly simple, useful and didactic.”

The self-confessed feminist and vegan also reportedly said: “I’m not afraid of being cancelled but of being incoherent.”


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