Influencer Robbed Of Montblanc Backpack, Champagne And EUR 2,500 On Train

A travel blogger has told how thieves stole her designer backpack and EUR 2,500 in cash during a luxury train trip across Europe.

Picture shows Isis Grossi, undated. She travelled in Vienna, Austria. (@isis_grossi/CEN)

Isis Grossi, 37, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, regularly tells her 47,000 Instagram followers of her VIP trips around the world.

Now she’s told how she and her husband were duped on a train in Austria by thieves pretending to be first-class passengers on Sunday, 19th November.

While Isis and her husband were putting their bags in the luggage racks, the thieves quietly took everything they had left on their carriage table and disappeared.

The influencer told how they walked off with her Montblanc rucksack, her favourite Burberry scarf, designer sunglasses, and the couple’s Brazilian passports.

To add insult to injury they also made off with EUR 2,500 (GBP 2,182) in cash and a bottle of Louis Roederer champagne they had planned to toast their holiday with.

Picture shows Isis Grossi, undated. She travelled in Vienna, Austria. (@isis_grossi/CEN)

Isis explained: “On the Railjet bound for Budapest, we stood at Vienna Central Station for around 20 minutes.

“Two men got on the train there without luggage. They came to us in first class and left again. We were just putting our suitcases on the rack.

“We later noticed that all of the things we had left at the seat and table were gone.”

She later took to social media and criticised the Austrian Federal Railways (OeBB) for their lack of security.

The blogger told how a train attendant allegedly told her that theft is very common on the Vienna – Budapest route.

She said: “Still, there are no safety precautions on the train, not even here in first class.

Picture shows Isis Grossi and her husband Rafael, undated. They travelled in Vienna, Austria. (@isis_grossi/CEN)

“People without tickets can just walk in here and steal things, and there isn’t even video surveillance on the train.”

When asked whether they have noticed more thefts recently, OeBB said: “In general, we cannot detect an increase in thefts beyond the social context.

“OeBB gives the highest importance to the safety of its travelers and also will install a package of measures

“Our securities regularly carry out patrol activities and are also present together with the police during key checks.”

Isis and her husband filed a complaint and Austrian police are investigating.


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