Police To Quiz Muscleman Influencer Over Smashed Historic Statue

An Italian governor has blasted a muscle-bound influencer a “d*ckhead” after he smashed a priceless statue while shooting a daft video with pals.

Influencer and model Janis Danner poses in undated photo. He allegedly destroyed a statue in Villa Alceo in Viggi, Italy. (@janis_danner/CEN)

Shocking security CCTV footage shows German online fitness star Janis Danner and a pal setting up a scene as they pose by the fountain statue in Viggiu, Lombardy.

But as another member of the airhead crew pokes them with a stick, they topple over, taking the sculpture with them.

As the historic statue hits the hard edge around the fountain, it shatters into several pieces in the footage filmed on 31st July.

Police, report local media, are now investigating the stunt.

The publicity-mad influencer had been staying with his girlfriend and their pals at the historic Villa Alceo.

The group – all aged between 25 and 30 – had rented the villa for a few days to celebrate the birthday of Danner’s girlfriend, who is also an influencer and model.

Local media report that the statue, named “Domina”, had been created by famed sculptor Enrico Butti from Milan.

Throughout his artistic career, Butti (1875-1932) sculpted several important public monuments, earning him worldwide recognition.

Picture shows a statue in Villa Alceo in Viggi, Italy, undated. German influencer destroyed the statue. (@villaalceo/CEN)

One of his most famous works is the monument dedicated to historic Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi in Milan’s Piazza Piemonte.

Local media said the damage to the statue was worth more than EUR 200,000 (GBP 172,000).

After the footage made its way online, Vittorio Sgarbi, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture, blasted the tourists as “d*ckheads”.

He commented: “Those d*ckhead tourist-influencers have to pay for their actions.”

Sgarbi added: “Evidently, the Germans were not very respectful, and they should be prosecuted both criminally and civilly.”

After learning that the group had only compensated the villa’s owner to the tune of EUR 200 (GBP 172), the official remarked: “They can shove the two hundred euros.”

Danner, who boasts 1.5 million Instagram followers, has faced a flood of criticism from Italian netizens.

Picture shows the destroyed statue in Villa Alceo in Viggi, Italy, undated. German influencer destroyed the statue. (@villaalceoitaly/CEN)

One commented: “Disgusting. Even children wouldn’t do something like this. You deserve to be forgotten because you are worth less than zero. Go pull these stunts in your own country.”

Another wrote: “Imbecile. Stay at home, you piece of sh*t.”

The villa’s owner, Bruno Golferini, has now reported the 28-year-old bodybuilder to police for vandalism.


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