WAG Shows Off Her Gruesome Sagging Bum Implants

This is the astonishing moment a beautiful Russian football WAG shocks her fans with a video of her failed bum lift implants.

Model Alana Mamaeva – former wife of one time Russian midfield star Pavel Mamayev – shot the frank footage to show what happened after she lost weight.

In clips -obtained by Newsflash – one of 35-year-old Alana’s implants seems to be like a rock solid ball when she clenches her buttocks.

The other, meanwhile, seems to sag half way down her thighs as she poses in front of a mirror.

The six-year-old implants – says Alana – began to fail when her weight dropped recently to a very low 40 kilos.

Her display didn’t go down well with all her social media followers.

One – reported local media – said: “It’s not funny any more.”|

Another commented: “Enough Internet for today.”

But Alana explained: “Weight loss and, as a result, a stretched pocket.”

Local media quoted Alana – who has more than 337,000 followers on Instagram – saying: “So much negativity because of the weight which, by the way, I have already gained!

“Why does everyone consider it their duty to point out to me that I am underweight? Do you think I don’t know about it? I know!

“Now I have already gained a couple of kilogrammes – a few more,the and I will attain my ideal weight!”

Alana argued: “I have always been thin, but this time my weight dropped to 46 kilogrammes. Now it’s already 50.”

She added: “Don’t worry, everything is fine with me. My medical test results are perfect, I’m healthy. There was just a temporary failure in the body, it happens!”

Alana recently underwent a new corrective op in Moscow led by renowned plastic surgeons Timur Khaidarov and Samir Sedyshev.

While Khaidarov replaced the failed implants, Sedyshev lifted her buttock.

Dr Khaidarov told local media: “I like everything about it. A week has passed, there are no issues.

“The stitches are well-founded and the bandages are dry. Nothing is leaking anywhere, nothing has come off anywhere.”

Alana has not yet posted snaps of her buttock after the corrective surgery.

In April last year Alana and Pavel divorced after eight years of marriage.

They have a daughter called Alice and Alana has another child from a previous marriage.

Since their split, the pair have been entangled in a bitter feud over his alimony payments.

A Moscow court ordered that the ex-CSKA Moscow star – who earned 15 Russian national team caps between 2010 and 2016 – must pay just one-sixth.

A normal payout would be one-third of his overall earnings.

Alana has appealed this decision.


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