Veteran Erotic Star Trolled Over OnlyFans Bid

Vintage porn star Jenna Jameson has been torn off a strip by her own followers over plans to stage a comeback with a new OnlyFans profile.

The 49-year-old veteran erotic actress teased her Twitter followers with an announcement about her new venture.

But the astonished US star got a humiliating knockback when fans urged her to keep her clothes on.

Jenna – star of porn classics like Zombie Strippers and Dirt Merchants – has tweeted “Hey @OnlyFans I’m trying to start an account, and I need help!” 

But one troll snapped back: “Maybe in her prime… not the current version.”

Then in a bitter reply, Jemma hit back with: “Yet, you follow me.” 

As the Twitter spat grew, Jemma seemed unbothered by the drama and said: “I knew it would rattle a few chains.” 

One follower even commented, “Omg, I’m just here for the comments.”

In her prime 20 years ago, Jemma was said to be the most-watched adult star in the world and known as the Queen of Porn.

Her comeback announcement comes hot on the heels of her recent wedding to her partner Jessi Lawless in Las Vegas on 23rd May.

Speaking to People magazine, Jameson said, “I found the person that I truly should have always been with.”

The couple’s love story began on TikTok in January and climaxed in an engagement just three months later. 

Adding a sentimental touch to their nuptials, Jameson revealed that the chapel where they wed was the same one where her parents had exchanged their vows.

Jameson walked down the aisle to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” wearing a white mini dress, pink platform heels, and pink-dyed hair, while Lawless donned a classic black suit. 

The couple even rented a neon green Lamborghini for their big day.

Reflecting on her past relationships, Jenna said: “I try and go over in my mind why I ever dated or married men.

“I think my driving force was children. And now that I’ve really found myself, I’m just accepting of everything that I feel inside.” 

Jenna Jameson is the mother to twin sons, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette, aged 14, from her previous relationship with Tito Ortiz.

She also has a six-year-old daughter, Batel Lu, with her ex-fiance Lior Bitton.


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