Gorgeous Influencer Withdraws From High Diving Comp After Breast Implant Rupture

A gorgeous influencer from Austria has canceled her participation in a high diving competition after her breast implant ruptured while training for the show.

Vanessa Mariposa, 30, poses in undated photo. The 30-year-old woman injured herself while training for a sports show in the city of Berlin, Germany. (@vanessa_mariposa/CEN)

Vanessa Mariposa, 30, from the city of Salzburg, in Austria, made headlines after she took part in the German version of the British based series ‘Ex on the Beach’ in 2021.

But the stunning 30-year-old fitness influencer and reality TV star now worried her fans after she reportedly suffered a breast implant rupture whilst training for German broadcaster RTL’ high diving show that debuted in 2022.

The competition includes about 20 celebrities from the region who jump into a pool from a three-metre (9.8 feet) springboard and compete by performing various acrobatics.

She said in a recent interview with RTL: “My pelvic bone is bruised, my lip is cut, my teeth hurt, and there is a suspicion that my breast implant has ruptured.

“There are people who are made for this. And I’m just not made for it at all.”

She then confirmed the suspicions and her withdrawal from the show several days later on Thursday afternoon, 9th February.

Vanessa said: “An implant actually ruptured. The doctor confirmed that and I hope to get an appointment in a week or two because I need to change the implants.

Image shows the lip cut of Vanessa Mariposa, 30, undated photo. The 30-year-old woman injured herself while training for a sports show in the city of Berlin, Germany. (@vanessa_mariposa/CEN)

“Fortunately, nothing leaks from the implant, so there is no danger.

“Of course, such an operation is super expensive, you just pay EUR 6,000 [GBP 5,296]. I think I have to pay for that myself.”

The influencer, who has 610,000 followers on Instagram explained that a medic was not on site when she jumped off the springboard and injured herself.

She said: “I jumped and jumped and at some point I realised that my chest was really hurting. I felt like I could hardly breathe.”

“I also had a bruised pelvic bone, an internal injury and a bruised chest.

“Also, when I jumped, because of the whirlpool in the water, my knee hit my lip and teeth, and then my lips were lacerated.”

RTL officials confirmed her withdrawal on Friday, 10th February 2023.


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