Model Tells How Showing Her Injuries Made Career Take Off

A model has told how overcoming her fear of showing off her scarred face has turned her into an international sensation after she shaved off her hair and went online.

Photo shows Giulia Dias, undated. She reportedly does modeling with a scar on her face. (@giuliadias/Newsflash)

Stunning Giulia Dias, 23, had been left with a huge facial scar from a car accident when she was just nine and suffered years of insecurity over her looks.

The jagged red scar, caused when her grandmother crashed the family car, runs from her hairline down to her jaw down the entire right side of her face.

For years, says Giulia, she hid it behind her long, brown hair.

Giulia, from Joinville, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, explained: “I’ve never had a problem with my scars. But, unintentionally, I wore my hair on my face a lot.”

But that changed when during the COVID-19 pandemic Giulia shaved off her hair and died it patinum blonde during quarantine.

In an interview with local media on 21st October, she said: “When I shaved, at the beginning of the pandemic, it was a total release from limiting beliefs.

“It was wonderful, a feeling of total liberation, I felt more empowered, confident in myself and even more resilient!”

Emboldened Giulia attended a model casting she was snapped up by one of Brazil’s leading agencies on the spot.

The 1.75-metre (5ft 7in) tall beauty with piercing blue eyes admitted she had never imagined becoming a model.

Giulia said: “I have been passionate about fashion since I was a child.

“But it was more of a dream than a desire because I believed that this world didn’t have space for me, because I didn’t have a ‘standard’ body and I had scars.

“A year ago, I wouldn’t imagine occupying that space. Girls like me just didn’t get on magazine covers.”

The lingerie and cosmetics model concluded: “Now I see that the scars have brought me to a level in my life where I am influencing and representing many people. I am very happy!”

Now Giulia’s agents are screening offers for international fashion and cosmetics advertising campaigns.

She’s also in a bestselling book by fashion photographer Jairo Goldolus called ‘Singular’ featuring the stories of 130 women with distinctive looks.

Giulia said: “It’s not a scar or something else that’s going to stop me being who I am.”

She added: “One thing I’ve always said since I was young is that if you don’t love yourself, no one will do that for you. You always have to look in the mirror and say: I’m beautiful.”

Her determination has inspired her 28,700 Instagram followers.

One, ‘eglantineherbene’, commented: “I once saw you at an event and I was enchanted by your physical and internal beauty. May God continue to illuminate you and you continue to emanate this energy.”

And ‘giselegifranca’ told her: “Giulia, you are beautiful. I had an accident when I was 16 years old and I had scars on my face too, but it never stopped me from doing anything. I’m happy the way I am.”

‘gabycristina.93’ just said: “Such a beautiful woman!”

And ‘marcosbelinazzo’ claimed: “I could be born a thousand times but would never look this beautiful.”


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