Real Life Barbie Says US Visa Rejected For Being ‘Too Plastic’

A model dubbed the Colombian Barbie has complained about being denied a visa to enter the USA because she has had too much cosmetic surgery.

Photo shows Tatiana Murillo known as the ‘Colombian Barbie’, undated. Her visa for the United States of America was denied. (@labarbiecolombianaoficial/Newsflash).

Distinctive-looking Tatiana Murillo has undergone numerous operations and procedures to make herself look like the plastic doll.

Local media reports how she had “several” ribs removed to give herself the toy’s wasp-like waist while boosting her boobs and bum at the same time.

She is such a fan of cosmetic procedures that she even paid for a nose job for her daughter Sofia Velez, now 14, two years ago.

Now Tatiana is furious over a snub from US consular officials in Colombia for turning down her request for a tourist visa.

Tatiana, who has more than 700,000 TikTok followers, says she was denied because she has “had surgery” and she added: “Is being too pretty now a reason to be turned down?”

She claimed: “I think I was the only one who had been so operated on when I applied for the visa today.

“But my God, that’s when you see the taboos and stigmas people have, because, seriously, I can’t find any other explanation.”

Photo shows Tatiana Murillo known as the ‘Colombian Barbie’, undated. Her visa for the United States of America was denied. (@labarbiecolombianaoficial/Newsflash).

She said the objection had been over her attempt to make herself more beautiful and added: “Effectively it’s because I was pretty that they denied my visa.”

Colombia has one of the highest rejection rates in the world for US visa applications, and 33 per cent of visitor applications are rejected, which is double the global average figure.

Many are rejected because US immigration officials believe so-called holidaymakers will simply disappear after getting into the country.

But Tatiana said: “I mean, a woman like me, I have two vans, an apartment, an events company for more than 11 years, am financially solvent, and I have a 14-year-old daughter, do they think I am I going to just stay there as an illegal?”

The most rejected country is Micronesia, with a 100 per cent refusal rate for US visas.

It is followed by Mauritania at 90 per cent, Somalia at 74 per cent, and Rwanda at 63 per cent.


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