YouTube Star In Hiding After Being Pestered By Fan In India

A YouTube star was forced into hiding after an overexcited fan pestered her over her “sexy” video blogs.

Vlogger Kristina, known as Koko In India to her 200,000 YouTube fans, had been posting from a Delhi market when the fan approached her and asked: “Can you be my friend?”

Suspicious Kristina smiled nervously and talked to the admirer in Hindi as she live-streamed the encounter.

Then moments later he said: “You are very sexy. Would you like to be my friend?”

Smiling nervously as hundreds of market-goers milled around her she said firmly: “No. OK bye, bye,” before walking off.

Russian-born Kristina was so spooked she disappeared for three days before telling her fans she would be live streaming again soon.

Photo shows a Russian YouTuber known as Koko In India, undated. She got uncomfortable after a man tried to have a conversation with her in Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi, India. (@koko_kvv/CEN)

Kristina is well known for her sometimes steamy vlogs from India.

In one, she is shown in a bra and leather trousers as she belly danced and gyrated to local music.

Many of her subscribers were appalled by the man’s approach.

One YouTube user titled ;SomyaSingh-pj2bv’ commented: “On behalf of that man, we apologise to you, some people do not know how to welcome their guests. So sorry”

Another user titled ‘soumalyasinha8093’ wrote: “Absolute creep! Stay away from such people! These kind of crappy predators could be dangerous for you. I apologize for this horrendous experience as an Indian.”

And ‘nikhilhershraj’ said: “Sorry for the bad experience you had koko . This man should be taught a lesson!”


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