Bully Shakira Kicked Me Topless Out Of Dressing Room To Use My Toilet, Says Dancer

A dancer who worked with superstar Shakira has told how the Colombian songstress was a backstage bully who slung her topless out of her own dressing room.

Jenny Garcia speaks about Shakira in undated footage. She reportedly accused Shakira of being a bad boss. (@lasagaoficial/CEN)

Back-up artist Jenny Garcia worked with the star as part of her on-stage team during her Tour Fijacion Oral’ in Mexico.

But she claims Shakira, known for her hit ‘El Jefe’, or ‘The Boss’, was a nightmare to work for.

She claims she was never paid for any of the 12 shows, and the star’s backstage performances were so hurtful she will never work with her again.

Her revelations came amid Shakira’s hit ‘El Jefe’ which highlights the plight of abused workers.

Just days ago, Shakira’s nanny emerged as being sacked by the singer’s former partner Gerard Pique and then taken in by Shakira.

But, claims Jenny in a YouTube interview, the star is anything but a caring boss herself.

One night, says Jenny, Shakira’s personal staff hammered on the dancers’ dressing room door, demanding they get out.

Jenny Garcia poses in undated photo. She reportedly accused Shakira of being a bad boss. (@jennygarciaoficial/CEN)

She said: “She took me out of my dressing room. I was topless, and she used my bathroom because hers was broken.

“Security escorted us out, and she went in and came out, not even a thank you or an excuse.”

Fuming Jenny says she had just a towel to cover her bare boobs and another dancer was wearing just a thong.

She said: “Outside the room, I told the security guards, ‘If she doesn’t want to talk to us, fine, but let us pass.’

“Because my friend was in a thong, and I was covering my breasts with my hands.

“Security personnel walked past, the press walked past, everyone walked past, and I looked at them angrily.

“I’m sorry, that’s not respect. ‘Can I use your bathroom, girls? Thank you and excuse me’ .

Jenny Garcia poses in undated photo. She reportedly accused Shakira of being a bad boss. (@jennygarciaoficial/CEN)

“That would have been fine, but the way she treated us was pathetic.”

Jenny claims Shakira would often refuse to talk to her dancers except when she was telling them off and frequently belittled them.

She said: “I worked with the lady, and I don’t respect her anymore since I worked with her.

“I did twelve shows, and she didn’t pay me.

“And let me tell you something, I would have worked with her without payment, but the way she treated us, dancers . . .

“She turned her face away from us, didn’t say thank you, scolded us a lot, and kicked us off the stage.”


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