Fraudster Influencer Sentenced To 26 Years In Prison

An influencer who flaunted his luxury lifestyle has been jailed for a total of 26 years after he was found guilty of money laundering for drug dealers to fund the life of luxury he flaunted in front of his followers.

Photo shows Lohan Ramires, undated. The influencer from Brazil will have to serve a total of 26 years in prison. (@lohanramires/Newsflash)

Lohan Ramires, who has nearly 655,000 Instagram followers, regularly boasted of his luxury lifestyle, posting images of his lavish clothes, cars, and trips. But in reality, the cash was from violent mobsters who plotted the murder of anyone who stood in their way.

He was arrested in May 2022 and in the first of two court cases was sentenced to 18 years, seven months and 10 days for the crimes of drug trafficking, criminal association and ideological falsehood.

And now, in a second trial at a court in the municipality of Uberlandia, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, presiding judge Marcio Jose Tricotti gave him an additional seven years and six months in prison for the crime of money laundering in sentencing on Wednesday, 27th September.

His conviction now totals up to 26 years and one month in prison.

A ‘Diamante de Vidro’ operation, carried out in August 2021 discovered that Ramires participated in money laundering using cash obtained from drug trafficking and other crimes.

‘Diamante de Vidro’ operation was carried out by the Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (Gaeco), and focused on dismantling a criminal group involved in drug trafficking, money laundering and tax evasion connected to a company in Goias.

Photo shows Lohan Ramires, undated. The influencer from Brazil will have to serve a total of 26 years in prison. (@lohanramires/Newsflash)

In the operation, a total of 16 search and seizure warrants and 13 preventive arrest warrants were made.

The criminal organisation acted with the intention of acquiring anabolic drugs for controlled use, with the aim of selling them to users.

They are also said to have used people’s data in ideologically false invoices.

Eight other people have been also sentenced in the process.

Among them are Leandro Diogo Naves sentenced to three years and six months in prison and Marcelo Goncalves Carvalho received seven years and nine months in prison.

They are said to have planned murders of members of authorities in the region, including prosecutors, police chiefs, criminal police agents and civil police investigators.


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