Man Who Dumped Weather Girl Yanet For Gaming Has New GF

This professional gamer mocked after he broke up with the “world’s hottest weather girl” Yanet Garcia to concentrate on training for a Call of Duty League Championship has finally found love again.

Pic shows: Douglas Censor with his current girlfriend The professional gamer mocked after he broke up with the “world’s hottest weathergirl” Yanet Garcia to concentrate on practicing for an online Call of Duty League Championship has a new girlfriend.

Doug “FaZe Censor” Martin, 24, was widely criticised after ending his relationship with stunning Yanet, 28, in favour of his computer gaming.

After widespread online criticism, FaZe attempted to deflect some of the abuse by revealing the real reason as being because Garcia, who has 10.7 million Instagram followers, wanted a share of the revenue he was able to attract on social media for being her boyfriend.

The allegation was rejected by Yanet, who said: “I cannot recognise the person I was in love with. I believe in justice and bravery and that is why I’m pointing out the lies that I’m not willing to accept.”

But now Doug claims he really is happier without her and to prove it introduced his new girlfriend to his followers by posing next to the beautiful young woman on an Instagram picture and making a YouTube video with her.

He wrote on Instagram: “Hi guys. I’ve been dating this beautiful woman named Marilyn and I just wanted to show you a new video on my channel with her.”

In the couple’s Youtube video, which has reached 555,568 views at the time of writing, they explain that they have had a wonderful year in which they have spent time “focusing on building their foundation.”

Martin reportedly said Yanet had got greedy when she realised he was earning money from social media.

Pic Shows: Yanet Garcia with her new boyfriend; MEXICO: The world’s hottest weather girl Yanet Garcia has revealed her new American boyfriend to the world one month after posting a mysterious pic of a lucky feller’s handprint on her pert derriere.

He said at the time: “When she understood how much money I made on YouTube, she wanted to get a percentage of the videos I was making.”

Doug also explains in his last video that he has not shared a lot of his private life in the last year because he wanted to make sure that they were “on the same page” about sharing their life on YouTube.

“Marilyn doesn’t make YouTube videos, all this is kind of brand new for her,” the gamer commented on the video. Despite being new to YouTube, she already has 22,400 followers on her Instagram account.

The couple can even be seen sharing an intimate moment in which Marilyn waxes Doug’s chest while they laugh and together.

Shortly after the gamer showed off his new love, Yanet responded by posting a photo of her current boyfriend Lewis Howes, a former professional American football player.


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