Influencer Drops USD 1 Million From Helicopter Onto Fans In Field

A Czech influencer delighted thousands of his fans as he dropped USD 1 million (GBP 820,000) from a helicopter over a large field.

Kamil Bartosek, known online as Kazma, loaded the large sum comprised of USD-1 bills into a large, metal container and rented out a helicopter, then threw the money over a filed near Lysa nad Labem, in the central region of the country.

The 38-year-old internet celebrity said the cash was originally intended for a single winner.

He had told his followers that whoever managed to decipher the code encrypted in his film ‘ONEMANSHOW: The Movie,’ will receive the hefty prize.

Despite their efforts, however, no viewer was able to succeed in the task.

But Kazma later announced that even though no winner emerged, he could not keep the money for himself.

So, he came up with an alternative plan that was put into action on 22nd October.

Czech influencer drops 1 million dollars from helicopter near the town of Lysa nad Labem in Czech Republic, undated. People rushed to collect it. (@kazma_kazmitch/CEN)

Kazma told his 920,000 Instagram followers: “They were meant for you from the beginning. What will happen with this heap of money, I honestly don’t know.

“The story of this film, we can now write together. Tell us what you think I should do with it.

“Give us a few days, and we’ll come up with plan B.”

Then, Kazma asked his fans to register on his website where he would clue them in.

Those who shared their e-mail addresses received a message on the early morning of Sunday, with encoded information about where the money would be dropped from a helicopter carrying a shipping container with the prize.

Those who correctly deciphered the code and arrived at the location watched almost in disbelief as the banknotes descended from the sky and collect as many as they could manage in the windy weather among other eager participants.

Czech influencer drops 1 million dollars from helicopter near the town of Lysa nad Labem in Czech Republic, undated. People rushed to collect it. (@kazma_kazmitch/CEN)

Footage of the event shows hundreds of enthusiasts running around the field, competing to fill more one-dollar bills into prepared plastic bags and backpacks.

Around 4,000 people were reportedly part of the frenzy.

Each banknote reportedly had a QR code with a link to an online platform where winners could donate money to charity.

Kazma shared the video on Instagram and captioned it: ”The first real MONEY RAIN in the world! USD 1.000.000 [GBP 820,000] dropped from a helicopter in the Czech Republic and no one has died or got injured. ”

Kazma premiered his film ‘ONEMANSHOW: The Movie’ in the second half of August 2023.

During the first weekend alone, the film reportedly attracted 290,000 viewers in cinemas, topping the weekend box office rankings in Czech cinemas twice. In this category, it became the most successful Czech film of all time.


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