Cheeky Monkey Sticks Out Tongue At Camera That Had Been Recording Its Roomie

A jealous monkey from a zoo in Belarus has shown off its cheeky side after it stole the camera filming one of its buddies and stuck its tongue out.

Adorable footage shared by the Grodno Zoo, located in the city of Grodno, in western Belarus, showed the moment the little one notices the camera recording another member of the group.

The next second, the jealous monkey stunned zookeepers as the 26-second-long video shows it grabbing the camera with both of its hands and posing with its tongue out.

The cheeky moment immediately attracted social media users’ attention after the footage was posted on YouTube in January 2023.

YouTube user ‘Milly Baik’ commented: “Holy crap, what a beauty!!! How can you shoot someone else when there is such a ‘star’ nearby?

“Its nose is worth something, not to mention the tongue – so pink, wet, warm!!!

“But how many more of its charms did not enter the frame, they simply did not fit!!!”

Another YouTube user named ‘Yana Yakovchuk’ laughed at the funny video and said: “Like.”

Monkey sticks its tongue out at a camera, at Grodno Zoo, located in Grodno, Belarus, in undated footage. Grodno Zoo was founded in 1927 as the first zoo in future Belarus. (@grodnozoo_BY/CEN)

Grodno Zoo, which is considered the first zoo in Belarus, was founded at the initiative of high school teacher Jan Kochanowski in 1927.

Along with his students, Kochanowski reportedly established a botanical garden in the city park one year earlier, while about a decade later the zoo had about 400 residents.

The zoo was largely destroyed during World War II in 1944 but was restored and reopened at the demand of the city’s Executive Committee on 28th September 1946.

It has reportedly been a member of EARAZA (Eurasian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums) since 2009.


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