Plus Size Model Sues Clothes Shop Because It Did Not Have Anything In Her Size

A plus-size model is suing a clothes shop because it did not have anything in her size.

The 27-year-old model, called Diana Finansova, from Moscow, the Russian capital, has over 47,000 followers on Instagram and is suing the Tatika store at the Afimall shopping centre for RUB 1 million (GBP 8,789).

Local media reported that she entered the store and despite seeing lots of items that she liked, she could not find a single thing in her size, and she is only an L, so she could not try anything on, let alone buy anything.

People at the store reportedly explained to her that they do not carry anything larger than an M size.

After leaving reviews and complaining to no effect, she has now decided to go to court and has hired a lawyer.

Photo shows Diana, a plus-size model, undated. She allegedly sues a clothes shop in Moscow, Russia, for not selling clothes for plus-sized people. (@diafina_/CEN)

She reportedly plans to sue the shop for the moral suffering she says the experience inflicted on her.

Diana told local media that if she wins the case, she plans to use the money to spend it on clothes in stores that do not discriminate against curvy women.

Many Russian women complain that the country is too conservative and they are forced to try and conform to traditional values of beauty where the focus is on model good looks, and anyone who does not conform is penalised as a result, for example in finding it difficult to buy clothing.


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