Millionaire Infant Influencer Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

A baby influencer who flew with her blogger mum on a dream trip to the US after making a million has received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Lua Di Felice poses at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in California, USA. Her parents Viih Tube and Eliezer are on a trip to California with the girl. (Newsflash)

Little Lua Di Felice, just six months old, made her mint after following her blogger mum Viih Tube, 23, online.

Within weeks she had amassed more than two million Instagram followers and scooped up lucrative sponsorship deals.

Mum Viih, who has nearly 40 million Insta followers, reckon Lua has already earned BRL 1,000,000 from her posts (GBP 162,700), which she manages.

Lua’s family splashed out on business class flights to Los Angeles plus a top hotel near the theme park.

A new snap shows little Lua sitting on the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the name of Lua di Felice on it.

However, it was revealed by local media that this was provided by her parents, who paid about USD 25 (GBP 20) in order to add Lua’s name only for a 15-minute experience among the stars.

Previously, Lua visited Disneyland and Instagram snaps showed her dressed as Stitch from Disney’s hit Lilo & Stitch movie with Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the background.

Lua Di Felice poses in Hollywood, California, USA. Her parents Viih Tube and Eliezer are on a trip to California with the girl. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

Viih said: “Making a dream come true, bringing our princess to Disney for the first time!

“Thank you, my God, for being able to live this!”

In another post, she said: “Experiencing all this with my family has been a dream come true, may I never get used to it, may I never lose my charm, may I never stop being grateful.”

Before going on the trip, Viih had asked her followers for tips on how to handle Lua’s first flight.

She said: “We’re going to LA. I welcome tips on what to do with a baby there.

“I want tips from those who have already travelled with a baby on a plane for hours like this.

“I’m afraid she won’t sleep, just cry, stress, that sort of thing.”

Lua Di Felice poses with her mother Viih Tube and Eliezer in Hollywood, California, USA. Her parents are on a trip to California with the girl. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

In-flight photos show Lua, Viih and her husband Eliezer sitting in their luxury club class flight daybeds.

But after they landed, Viih said: “I’ll tell you later how the flight was, but my daughter is a princess, everything was perfect.

“Eliezer even joked: ‘I saw three babies coming in. I’m here thinking: If one cries, do they all cry? Or does this only happen to dogs?'”

But social media users were quick to express their admiration over the tot’s luxury lifestyle.

One said: “She’s been travelling since she was six months and I’ve never even left Brazil.”

And another one joked: “I want to be a rich six-month-old baby.”

Previously, Viih took to Instagram to tell followers how she keeps her daughter’s earnings separate.

Photo shows Lua Di Felice with her mother influencer Viih Tube and her father Eliezer, undated. The family is in Disney in Los Angeles. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

She said: “I told you that all the money that Lua gets for participating in advertising with me goes to her account.

“A lot of people said, ‘Wow, really?’ And so, I know that not all parents do this, but it is the right thing to do.”

Viih told how she sticks to the strict letter of the law governing children’s earnings.

She said: “By law, for a baby to participate in advertising you have to get a permit, there’s a whole process, and within that process, you have to put the money in the child’s account. That’s correct.”

Lua, who uses the Instagram ‘pequenalua’, or Little Moon, has already worked for major brands like Natura, Pampers and Beep Saude.


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