Influencer Chef Under Fire For Barbecuing Crocodile

A popular influencer has come under fire for cooking “smoked crocodile” on the grill.

Mexican chef “Regio Parrillero” took to Facebook on 27th June to show his 781,000 followers how he prepared a whole crocodile for human consumption.

Shocking images show the dead reptile skinned from neck to toe with an apple wedged between its jaws.

After covering it in a spice mix, the chef places it on the barbecue and can later be seen pulling the cooked meat apart with his hands and eating it in a taco.

Regio explained in a video: “This crocodile is not endangered, it comes from Tabasco. Its meat is for human consumption.

“In many parts of Mexico and other parts of the United States, the consumption of crocodile is very common, whether it’s fried or smoked.

“As you can see, it has white and very tender meat, which reminds me of the texture of a fish fillet.

“It does taste like chicken, but with a different texture. I made some tacos to try it, and I vacuum-sealed the rest.”

Photo shows an influencer known as Regio Parrillero, who grilled a crocodile, undated. He was criticized online for eating a reptile. (@regio.parrillero/CEN)

But some of his followers were still less than impressed. One commented: “It’s still a reptile.”

While another snapped: “Reptiles are not edible, no matter what arguments you put forth.”

A third pointed out: “According to Article 420 of the Federal Penal Code, ‘a person who threatens biodiversity and kills a crocodile can face nine years in prison’, which would be increased by another three years for commercialising the meat.”

But another netizen replied, claiming: “There is a farm in Antigua Veracruz where they sell the meat, and it is perfectly regulated.

“According to the law, they only slaughter 10 per cent of their population, and in addition to meat, they sell various products derived from the reptile.”

It is believed the reptile barbecued by Regio, who also has 778,500 followers on TikTok and 346,000 on Instagram, is a Morelet’s crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii).

The species is listed as one of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature because it is still plentiful in the wild.


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