School Sacks Miss Over Raunchy OnlyFans Snaps

A teaching assistant has been sacked after posing in a porn star school uniform for her sexy OnlyFans account.

Kristin MacDonald, 35, poses in school uniform in undated photo. She wrote she was repeatedly shamed by the school district for this photo. (@a_v_a_james88/Newsflash)

Kristin MacDonald, 35, was dismissed after school board officials were tipped off about her sideline and they signed up as subscribers.

One snap that infuriated them – reported local media in British Colombia, Canada – showed Kristin dressed up in an erotic schoolgirl costume.

Perched splay-legged on a desk she wears a tartan mini-skirt, cropped skin-tight shirt and thigh-high white socks while she bites into an apple.

In an angry letter to Kristin, the Terry Fox Secondary School board told her the picture “involves the sexualization of the school environment.”

Kristin – who posts as ‘Ava James’ – hit back saying she was astonished that the school in Port Coquitlam had spent public cash ogling OnlyFans.

The single mum had been a teaching assistant at the school since 2015, specialising in helping children with learning difficulties.

Kristin MacDonald, 35, poses in undated photo. She was fired from school in Canada over racy photos. (@a_v_a_james88/Newsflash)

She has been on a warning since April when education officials first wrote to her about her out-of-school sideline.

Kristen said:: “I was in Mexico with my daughter. So I had the time to think about the next steps that I wanted to take and kind of mourn the loss of my past career.

“It’s sad and disappointing. I put eight years into working for that district, and it’s extremely disappointing.”

She says she only turned to the adult content site because she couldn’t make ends meet on her CAD 2,000- (GBP 1,190)- a-month salary.

Kristen explained: “We make such a little income teaching, it’s impossible to survive without extra money.

“And anybody who does a teaching job like this does it because they love the kids and they love what they do.

Kristin MacDonald, 35, poses in undated photo. She was fired from school in Canada over racy photos. (@a_v_a_james88/Newsflash)

“It’s certainly not for the money. But you have to survive and you have to feel like you’re progressing in life.”

Now union leaders are to take on the school board saying that Kristin’s OnlyFans work did not breach her contract,

Randy Kootte – from the Canadian Union of Public Employees – told local media he’s fighting to have the sacking overturned.

He said: “The union does not believe that Kristin’s off-duty conduct violated any company policies or collective agreement provisions.”


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