‘Miss Moscow’ Winner Too Plastic Say Fans

The winner of the Miss Moscow beauty contest has been branded a “silicone doll” as outraged fans mocked her heavily groomed looks on social media.

Picture shows Russian TV-presenter Angelina Brezhenskaya, 25, undated. She was slammed for victory in beauty contest Miss Moscow 2023 and her not natural beauty. (@brejenskaya/CEN)

Model and TV presenter Angelina Brezhenskaya, 25, romped home with the crown for the prestigious pageant against 32 rivals held in the Russian capital.

But social media users in Russia quickly ridiculed the choice and branded Angeline too fake to be a genuine winner, according to local media.

Official photographs and video footage of the model in the gym show her with suspiciously smooth skin, and perfectly formed boobs and bum.

According to the official judges, she won them over with her elegance and her heart-stirring ambitions for life.

Her personal statement said she wants to “become a better version of herself, to do what she loves and the socially useful, to be an example for the younger generation.”

But social media users showed they had had their fill of surgically-created looks.

Picture shows young Angelina Brezhenskaya before plastic surgery, undated. She was slammed for victory in beauty contest Miss Moscow 2023 and her not natural beauty. (CEN)

Some were quick to spot the difference between her over-groomed look now and photos showing her natural beauty before she had surgery.

Comment reportedly included: “A silicone doll… And what was it like before the injections and remodelling operations? Can I have a photo?”

Another said: “Let’s remove the silicone breasts, the fake nose, the fake lips, chin gel and a few more injections. The other girls were more natural, why did the one that had everything redone win?”

And a third said: “Let those who pump more into themselves compete separately. What does this model created by a surgeon have to do with beauty?”


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