Influencer Mum Saves Toddler Choking On Peanut

A former Playboy model has told of her horror when her 20-month-old daughter nearly choked on a peanut.

Reality star Barbara Evans, 32, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, told her 2.3 million Instagram followers how she realised something was wrong when her toddler Ayla began wheezing.

But Barbara suspected it was a respiratory infection and did not act straight away until Ayla woke up crying two days later on 10th December, and she rushed her to hospital for emergency surgery to clear her airway.

She said: “She started vomiting, and I started to hear a wheezing noise in her breathing.

“You can’t see the peanut, but you can see that she had an obstruction in one of her lungs.

“The procedure took place at 4:30 pm, more or less, and everything went well. They managed to remove 95per cent of the peanut.

Barbara Evans shows pieces of peanuts removed from her daughter’s lungs in undated photo. They were removed at the Hospital of Children and Maternity (HCM) of Sao Jose do Rio Preto in Brazil. (@barbaraevans22/CEN)

“Because actually, the peanut had been there since Friday, it had softened.

“There was about 5 per cent of something left at the end, which, God willing, will come out naturally.”

But she cautioned other mums: “There is also a warning that if your child is experiencing what appears to be pneumonia, it could also be a foreign body in the lung. Stay tuned.”

Previously, Barbara delighted followers by showing off her massive baby bump while she was pregnant with twins Alvaro and Antonio.

Barbara, who became popular by winning the sixth season of the Brazilian version of The Farm, said: “Guys, look at that view. It’s squeezing. Just for you to see. Look at this.”

Picture shows Ayla, undated. She underwent a procedure to remove peanuts from her lung in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil. (@barbaraevans22/CEN)

The brunette then turned to her daughter and said: “Give your brothers a kiss. Who’s inside? Alvaro and Antonio? Where are they? Call their names.”

Barbara said she was delighter by her daughter’s attempts to say the babies’ names, and invented her own nickname for Antonio – Toto.

In a caption to one of her pregancy snaps on Instagram Barbara said: “An eight-month pregnant woman, without a filter and who loves herself a lot.

“My boys, I am proud of our long journey together, a journey of great strength and determination.

“I never imagined I could be so strong. I’m very proud of getting this far. And let’s go strong for a few more days.”


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